Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mission Call (Dec. 6, 2012)

Note from mom:
Katelyn received her mission call today.  She considered waiting until next weekend when much of the family will be here for Christmas break (Kylie, Greg, Axel, and Erik) but I think that Kari and I talked her into opening it tonight.  With such a big busy family, it's almost impossible to have everyone with us.  Joel left for his Madrigal tour in Salt Lake City this morning and Kambree was in town tonight at a basketball game and Rob was at work, so we had quite a few of our family missing.  At 7:30 Dan, I, Kari, Linkon, Liam, Shaun, Kendyl and Katelyn's friend Clel, gathered together for the opening.  Erik, Kylie, Greg and Axel were pretty much with us via the internet and Shaun's that technology!  Kate read that she was going to the ARGENTINA BUENOS AIRES NORTH MISSION on April 10, 2013.  As she continued reading she got pretty choked up as she read how she would help bring the gospel to he people of Argentina.  She is so prepared and will be such a wonderful missionary.  We are SO PROUD of her!!!

One funny thing....Katelyn's postage on her call envelope from the church was $1.90.  Clel received his envelope yesterday at his home in Holden.  He called his mom to see what his postage was...$1.70.  He was kind of bummed since that probably means a stateside mission and he was hoping to go to Europe.  (After note....Clel was called to the Florida Orlando Mission and will report to the MTC in March)

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