Saturday, December 29, 2012

Endowment at the St. George Temple (Sat. Dec. 29, 2012)

Note from mom:
Our Christmas vacation ended on special note as Katelyn took out her own endowment today in the St. George temple.  We went and bought her temple clothing on Thurs. and I got it all ready for her.  Today she and I had to be at the temple at 1:10 pm in order to be ready to go through the 2:40 session.  She looked so happy and beautiful.  Once again, I was so proud of her and so grateful to have such a sweet and pure daughter to go with our other precious children.  The temple was very busy with brides going in and out but Katelyn was the only "own endowment" in her session.  I was blessed to set with my 3 beautiful daughters, Kari, Kylie and Kate, during the session.  Rob and Kari were the witness couple which added to the special day.  Those who were with Dan, me and Katelyn were:  Rob, Kari, Kylie, Greg, Shaun, Erik, my dad (my mom did initiatory) Joel & Trish, Matthew & Amanda, Kerry & Courtney, Zack & Kami,  Bob & Marley Riding, Scott Walker, Mike & Kris Riding, Leslie Leonard, Travis & Kayla Alldredge and Bishop & Paula Bundy.  Kyle & Dawna and Kurt & Trish Nelson were a couple of minutes late so they did sealings and met us in the Celestial room.  It was so nice to have such great support.  Before heading home, Dan showed Katelyn the eternal mirrors in the Celestial room.  Another special day!

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