Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farewell talk in Church (Mar. 17, 2013)

Note from mom:
Although Kate doesn't leave until April 10th our new bishop, Bishop Scott Walker, gave her permission to have it today since Kylie, Greg, Axel and Erik are down for spring break.  So it was wonderful having all of my family home!  Plus, it's so much easier on my mother's heart to go through one thing at a time and have a chance to recover before the next comes around :)
We had a nice dinner last night and then practiced for the song that the family sang in church today (Rob and I opted to stay in the audience to take care of the babies).  Shaun arranged her favorite hymn, "Where Can I Turn for Peace" for the family to sing.
Today our sacrament meeting began at 1:00.  Katelyn did such a beautiful job speaking on the Atonement.  She has such knowledge and love for the gospel that it just amazes me.  It was so powerful! The song which was sung by my family was also very beautiful and it was such a joy watching my family sing.  Erik had  sore throat and cough and Greg had the stomach flu, but they all took part and did a wonderful job..  I felt so very blessed as I enjoyed watching them.  Words can not express the tender feelings I have for my sweet family.  After the meeting we had a potato, salad and cookie bar in our home.  We had 70+ people come.  It was crowded but nice for everyone to show their love and support.
 Visit with grandparents after the festivities

I'll miss my snuggles with dad!

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