Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sibling Day (April 1, 2013)

Note from Mom:
Today Katelyn wanted to spend one last full day with her younger siblings...Joel, Kambree & Kendyl.
Since the kids were out of school for Easter break, they were able to do a lot together.
The day started out early....against the wishes of the "3 pigs"....Kambree especially.  They got up and hiked the volcano to see the sun rise. Once they were up there, they texted me and I was able to get the binoculars out and see them waving at me.  It ended up being a happy morning since they all came back with smiles.

After coming back from the volcano they changed and headed to the temple to do 
baptisms for the dead.

The day ended by going to Judd's for soup and breadsticks for lunch.  
It was such a fun day for the kids.  
Katelyn was so awesome to think of them and make a special "Sibling Day".

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