Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MTC Here I Come (April 10, 2013)

Note from mom:
My day was going to begin at the usual time at 5:15 am so I could get in my little bit of exercise for the day; however, at 2:00 this morning I woke up and let my thoughts get the better of me and ended up having a good first really good one over Katelyn's mission.  I have shed many tears, but this was a good cry.  So, since I couldn't sleep, I got up at 3:00 and wrote a letter to Kate and put it in her luggage.  After that I was finally able to sleep until 6:00 when we aroused the kids for prayers and scriptures.  And at 7:20 we were loaded and out the door, headed to the Provo MTC.  
Karson and Joy were kind enough to lend us their van so that we could fit everyone in it. 
 It was so AWESOME to be together!
We met Kylie, Greg and Axel who were living in the Salt Lake area and Erik who was in Provo at the Orem Chuck a Rama for lunch.  
Rob, Kari and their boys weren't able to get away to come with us :(
Kate with Axel and her sweet daddy.
After lunch we had a bit more time before checking in at the MTC so we went to the Provo temple for our final "see-you-soons" and pictures.

I was able to keep my tears in check until this happened.  
I knew that Joel would be gone on his mission when Kate came home so it has a tough time for them.
Since only one vehicle per missionary is allowed in the MTC drop off area we decided to break the law for a few blocks and all piled in the van. 
 It was so good to have everyone with us to see Katelyn off.

The elders were there waiting to escort her to the assigned area.  It was quick and PAINFUL to see her go.  She will be such an awesome missionary.  
She is so ready for this and has wanted to serve her Heavenly Father all her life.  
Argentina will be so blessed to have her!!!
See you soon sweet Kate!!!!!

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