Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 35 (Dec. 9, 2013 El Talar, Argentina)

Dearest Mother, 

Thank you so much once again for the wonderful email and news. This week I emailed a few more people than normal so I don´t have much time again :/ I never include all the info that I want to in my emails and I still have had a hard time finding any time to keep a journal, so I hope I can remember these experiences that I don´t write about. Anyway, I wanted to respond to your news more in your email but don´t think I will get to much of it. Sorry ma :( But I did want to mention how crazy the weather is there! I can´t believe all the snow you are getting! LUCKIES!! I am jealous! It is so hot here and stinkin humid and we are just dying. But it´s okay, it´s all part of my mission so I am going to love it haha. But really that is so crazy over there. I am so glad you are all safe and doing well and loving the Holiday Season. I sure do love this time of year. Thanks for the pics, Joel looks great as usual, and Kendyl is a real beaut that´s for sure. She and Kambree are getting more and more beautiful each picture I see of them. They better be good with how beautiful they are. And watch out for those silly young men. I WOULD SURE LOVE A PICTURE OF YOU MOM! Can you send me one please? :) 

This week was a good one but not as good as the last few. But i surely can´t complain. We had some great experiences this week. The family is doing good! Eric, Lisandro, and Alex are all reading the Book of Mormon and Alex is especially doing great with that. He reads it all the time is just trying to understand it. We know it will come with time and that Heavenly Father will help him as well. We are becoming closer with them and I really feel so happy and comfortable with this family. I can´t wait for the day when they will all be baptized, sealed, and active members in the church! It is so special and sweet to see them progressing and moving forward in Christ! But some news about them, they didn´t come to church yesterday because the baby was sick and so we have to move their baptism date to the 22. The investigators have to attend church at least 3 times before being baptized. So that was hard. We did everything we could to have them come to church with us but in the end it didn´t work out. We told Natalia that we could just go super early to their house (they live 30 minutes away from us at least) and take the boys to church with us and that she could stay home with the baby. Well her boys are great and they are liking church more and more (they have a lot of peer pressure from their darn friends) but they did not want to go without their mom. The are shy as well and didn´t want to be alone. We tried to talk her into it and even called members to see if they could go with them but it ended up not working. The transfer is before the 22 and we don´t know what is going to happen. It seems like so many times we get so close to seeing God´s children enter into this covenant and then we are transferred. It is super hard and lots of times I don´t understand it but i know it is all part of God´s plan. Sometimes it is hard because I see and hear about all of these missionaries baptisms going through so perfectly and I don´t understand how! It seems like each time we have a baptism, EACH TIME, something happens to hinder it, something. Like they don´t come to church one week and it had to be postponed, or the case with Evelin. So many things happen and it never turns out how we plan. Sorry for being so negative right there but I just want someone to understand me and my confusions. Although these things are happening, I know that there are ALWAYS blessings everyday and that when I think about the blessings and miracles we have, I am happy and remember that God is always with us. We are continuing in faith and prayer and I know that everything will work out! We have God´s promise! :) 

On Tuesday we planned this awesome family home evening for Natalia and her kids. We were going to teach "The Sabbath Day" to them and had something really fun planned. It was planned to be at the church so that their whole family could fit and we also invited a great member family to join us so that they could help out. We were going to teach the doctrine and such and talk about the importance of the sacrament and then do a fun demonstration with ice cream. The ice cream represented "sunday" (ice cream sundae) and we had nasty toppings like ketchup, salt, cheese, etc. and yummy toppings like dulce de leche, cookies, etc. We were going to teach them the good things to do on sunday and the things we shouldn´t do on sunday and have two bowls of ice cream and add a yucky topping when we talked about the things we shouldn´t do and them with the other bowl we added the yummy topping for the things we should do on sunday. So this was our PLAN ha :) Natalia ended up not coming because she is prego and was having contractions. We had already set up everything and the member family was there already, so we wondered what we could do. We were in the church and there were tons of young men in the back playing soccer, probably around 20. I told my companion that I was sure there were some menos activos there because we didn´t know all of them, and that we should have the fhe with them! She thought I was crazy because there were so many of them and they wouldn´t want to leave their game. But we asked anyway and they decided it would be fun! They didn´t want to come in the chapel because they were super sweaty and such so we went outside and all the young men sat on the cement while we taught them el dia de reposo! They all participated and it went super well! I didn´t think it would be so fun and spiritual and organized but the spirit helped us and it was a great experience! It touched my heart to see all these young men just sitting and listening and participating. We sung a hymn and said a prayer just like a fhe and it was just really special. I hope the spirit touched their hearts and helped the less active young men feel the importance of the sacrament and of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father helped us to see something great even though it didn´t happen the way we had planned. 

Next week i will tell you about eating dinner yesterday with the pres and his family! It was so neat! I feel like I am out of time though to tell the entire thing. When I first got to Argentina I asked the assistants how much time we had to email and they said 1 to 2 hours but never gave me a for sure answer. Since then, we haven´t really been told a time limit, and so I never know what it really is. But if you can remember, my comps in Congreso said 1 hour but the pres hasn´t really come out and told us a specific time. But I start feeling guilty after I have been a while so that is why I always say I need to get off. My comp always stays on longer than me though. I just don´t want to break the rules but I don´t know what they are regarding computer time! But I am going to get off now. I have been on a while :/  I love you so much mom and hope that all is well. Thanks so much for everything. I am really doing good and am loving my mission. The Lord has blessed me so much and through His Atonement people are changing and so am I. Tell the family hi for me and that I love them and appreciate them! Until next week! :) 

Con Amor,
Hermana Syphus 
Katelyn :) 

Hola Mi Madre! I think I will be using skype but I am not sure yet :/ Transfers are a week from tomorrow and so if I stay I will get looking for a member that has skype but until then, I don´t know because I might leave you know? Oh and I will be writing on Tuesday next week :) But that email said something about using a password that your parents give you, do you have that yet? I don´t really have any idea how it is going to work but believe you me, it is going to work. Just please warn everyone that when they see me through skype, my face is going to show the signs of the season if you know what I mean (chub chub) haha. So just don´t be surprised when you see that my face is a bit bigger. It´s okay though I am not worrying about it, just wanted to warn you. Haha :) 

I got my rain boots por fin!! They were like 200 pesos which I think is around 40 bucks. I used my card so it should say that I used it. Also, is the money that I have on my card to use for presents for the fam? Like is it my money or your money? I just wanted to get everyone a little gift from the great Buenos Aires before i go home and didn´t know for sure about the money. How much is left?  

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