Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 37 (Dec. 23, 2013 El Talar, Argentina)

Hey mom I am on! I literally only have an hour today cuz its not pday! And I had to write the pres first but now I am on!!!! Love you! 

Mom, can you send this to friends like Kortnie and her family, and Brittney, Zeiglers, Clel, family, and just anyone you can think of? I really would do it but we only have an hour and I have to do lots of things on the computer today! WOuld that be hard for you? 

Dear Family and Friends,

This time of year always seems to come up so fast and then end so fast as well. But each time it comes around, I can feel the spirit that it brings and it is one of the best feelings in the world. I know that this feeling and this spirit comes from our Savior, Jesus Christ and His life. Being on my mission, I have not been able to think about the temporal and festive part of Chirstmas much. I absolutely love this part of Christmas, but it has been nice to focus on the actual significance and meaning of this time of year, that being Jesus Christ. I love Him and know that he was born, died, and now lives for us. I know that He has the ability to change hearts. I know that He is the gift that all of us can partake of. I am so thankful for this beautiful time of year and the happiness it brings. I know this happiness comes from our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love this time of year! :)

I am thinking of you all and am missing you as well, but the spirit is still the same everywhere we go and I can feel it here everyday with these people. And for that, I am so happy and feel so blessed and wouldn´t be anywhere else! What a blessing it is to be on my mission during this time! 

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Thank you SO much for all you do and have done! For your support, love, and prayers! I love you all so much and keep you in my heart. 

He lives and loves us to the end! His spirit is among us this season and always! 

Que el espíritu de Cristo pueda morar en sus corazones y con sus familias esta navidad y para siempre! 

Con todo el amor en el mundo, 
Hermana Syphus 

Ma, also I want to SPECIFICALLY let my grandparents know that I love them so much and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope all is well with them! I have been having dreams about gpa syphus and after you told me about kylie and her dream of joel, i am kinda worried! Is he okay?

I found a member that has skype already and we will be skyping on Wednesday at whatever time you all can!! :) We were thinking around 4 argentina time. What is that over there again?

Also a few little things!  Hermana Fullmer went home for a bit :( it was super hard but we are doing good. More info on wed. si quiere. I have a new comp and her name is Hermana Jensen from Springville Utah! She is 20 as well and was a visa waiter in the states for 6 months so I am not actually training her like I though! Pres didn´t know that either until she got here haha SHe is great though! You will meet her on Wednesday! Also, we had a baptism yesterday!!!!! I will tell you about it on CHristmas! My comp wants to know if she can use your accont for skype as well because I guess she doesn´t have one. 

Tell Erik thanks a bunch and that I love him so much! :) Man this is crazy, it´s almost Christmas! I can just imagine the fam and what you are all doing and it makes me happy! :) 

Okay these are going to be shorter! sorry!
Natalia: We were walking to a less actives house and Natalia stopped us and asked us where our church was. She told us that she was a member but had not been to church in 17 years and wanted to finally go with her family. It was a true miracle! God put us in each others paths and made this miracle happen! Natalia has 6 kids and 1 on the way and wants them all to have the gospel in their lives. She has realized that her life is much better when Christ is a part of it and wants to raise her children on Jesus Christ and His teachings!

Hernan: The first time we met him he didn´t want anything to do with the church or God in general. A few weeks later, we passed by him again and just started talking. He asked us what it was that we really did as missionaries and we started talking about our pupose and about the importance of Jesus Christ. He was interested and had a lot of great questions. He was lonely and has had a hard life. We started teaching him the lessons and he learned how to find peace through repentance and the Atonement. He was a completely different person and I know that it was through Christ that he changed! He was baptized a few weeks later! 

Hey I am getting off now and didn´t finish the names! SO SORRY!! Here I am with this idea and don´t even follow through with it! Ugh sometimes I just don´t like myself. But on Christmas I will tell you about them.I know it will not be as special though :( man I am sorry mom. I will be better next time! I love you so much and really am so thankful for all you have done, Tell everyone hi and that I will see them all in a few days! Love you! 

This is Katelyn's zone in El Talar.  
She is with Hermana Fullmer (before she went home) and Hermana Jensen...her new companion.

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