Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 45 (Feb. 10, 2014 El Talar, Argentina)

Hey! Man I just have lots to say about this week as you can imagine and we only have one hour until we start working! So that means I have about 30 minutes to write! I wrote pres. and read the emails that i received today and then wrote dad a little note, so now I am on the new of the week. I will prob have to send pics and write more next week if that is okay, cuz we really are short on time. But it is okay because we went to the temple!!!!! :) :) :) So if you have anything, I am here for a bit :) 

Okay! :) The temple was amazing. I miss it already and want to go back. It was such a great experience and was wonderful to be inside the Lord´s holy house once again. I have really missed it and the feeling it brings me. The spirit is strong while on a mission, but being at the temple was just that much better and I loved it so much. I went in with a prayer in my heart and some things in my mind that I was hoping God would help me understand. Also, I have been praying this past week to receive revelation for our area and our investigators and the people here and was able to learn and understand many great things in the temple while pondering and seeking. I saw the new video and I love it so much. You were right, lots more emotion and a sense of what they really would have felt like. I loved everything about it. Dad´s email has a few more of my thoughts. I will continue my temple experience next week. But just so you can know, I LOVED IT. I can´t even say how grateful i am to have finally gone after 9 months. It was the best and I just feel so good and happy :) 

Just a few quick notes about the investigators and I got to go. Things haven´t changed with Laura´s hubby yet :( But we go to her ice cream shop once in a while and visit her for a bit. She gives us free ice cream every time haha. She will always have a place in my heart. It just hurts so bad knowing that she could be receiving so many wonderful blessings from this gospel but cannot because of the things that are happening. I know that someday it will change!

Karina is doing good! There is a lot to say about her, next week as well! But she was going to be baptized this past Sunday but couldn´t because she was on her period! Man that is just happening too often. It was a crazy week though! We literally saw her everyday but Monday and Saturday and taught her ALL the lessons. That is what happens when God puts prepared people in your path! They don´t need to wait if they already know! It has been a great blessing teaching one of the Lord´s elect daughters. I am excited to see her progress! I have lots to tell about her! But this Sunday is her baptism!!!!! :) I have pics and will send them next week! 

We found another escogido (elect) this week! Yesterday actually! Her name is Beatriz and went to church for 3 months with her friend in Peru and wanted to be baptized but in the end wasn´t becasue she didn´t feel ready. But she moved here and we came across her and invited her to be baptized in 3 weeks and she accepted! We will see if it happens that fast because the hard part is that she is not married and has two kids. Ugh. But no worried, we are going to have a wedding and a baptism :) Next week I will tell more of her! 

I have to go! Sorry for the short email ma, I know you like to know what is happening and i didn´t leave you much! I know that obedience brings miracles and that when we are obeying because we love God, the miracles are even greater. My love for my Heavenly Father has grown and I know that He lives and has a plan for us. I love sharing these eternal truths with all people and I know that i am privileged to be a missionary at this time. I love this work and I love being a missionary! I promise I am healthy and happy and enjoying my life so much! 

Thank you for everything mom. I really enjoyed the pics! Please send more when you can! Tell Joel Kam and Kendyl that I love them and think of them often. They are great examples to me. It is hard seeing the teenagers here and what they do sometimes. My three younger siblings are really angels. I love them so much! Love you mom! You make me so happy! :) Thanks for your example, charity, and diligence. You are a dream come true! :) 

Until next time and con mucho amor, 

The package from Trish has not come yet darn it! I was told that it will take longer now for packages because they are now checking them really well to see if people are importing things to sell here. Dumb. So no, not yet, but I will let you know when I do! I did get their Christmas card though. Tell them thanks so much and that I really appreciate that they send me letters and packages, they are the best! 

Did Joel get his call?!?!?!?!

When is Nik leaving? I need to email him soon!!! :) 

Yes, we are allowed to get on and print off talks, I will have to find that one. Thanks so much for the insights mom, I really appreciate it! What a great lesson giver you are! I miss your lessons. It sounds like it was really successful though with the family, that is always a great blessing! :) 
Buenos Aires Temple with Herm. Terry and Herm. Jensen
Feb. 10, 2014

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