Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 49 (Mar. 11, 2014 Parque Chacabuco, Argentina) STL

Hey Mom :) WOW I do not even know where in the world to start hahaha. WHAT A MOMENTOUS WEEK FOR OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!! :) :) JOEL IS GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!! That is the craziest!!! Never expected that!!!!! I am in tears here at the computer!! When I read that from Joel I got chills through my body. AAAAHHHHH!!! This is so wonderful!!!! :) :) :) I wanted to celebrate this moment with Hermana Jensen in El Talar :( We were both so so so excited to finally see where he was going and we were going to take pictures of my reaction and everything just like we did with her and her brother but I got transferred and my comp is native and is AWESOME but once again I will not get to be on the computer as long with her. She told me that she likes to go out and do things on pday which of course is very understandable and that she only need like 45 min. to and hour to write!!! :/ I don´t know how I am going to do this all over again haha. But the people that have so kindly been emailing me might not be receiving responses anymore :( I always have so much to tell you and now I don´t know if I will even get to do that. I also like to respond to the things that you write. 

Anyway, I am so happy for that boy :) :) He leaves on July 4th?! That will be fun!! And Kimberly turns her papers in!!! Man this is so exciting!!! I can´t wait to hear where she is going too!!!!!! Sorry I can´t express myself and my happiness justice through the internet!!! :( I am really blown away though! And mom, I know you worry about how immature and such Joel still is ha, but he will change and grow up so fast as soon as he is set apart a missionary. Seriously, the elders here are so young and seem so mature, and I know that they not all like this before their missions. I think being a missionary just helps them realize things and that they need to live on a higher plain and they really do become better so fast! Joel will be so great and I am so excited for him!!!
YES I got transferred, how did you know that???

Thank you for the bits from Laura and Hermana´s mom. I really appreciate that :) Hermana Jensen is the best and I will sure miss her so much. She is training a new missionary!!!! She is nervous but I have so much faith in her and know that she will do so well! She really is one of the greatest missionaries I know. Very diligent and obedient and is always on top of things. She will be a perfect trainer. I will sure miss Laura. Just in case I don´t have time to write the entire story today, she didn´t end up getting baptized :( Probably the hardest few days of my mission. It was really heartbreaking.

My new area is called Parque Chacabuco :) I am companions with Hermana Lobo from Mexico!!! :) She is great!!! And guess what?! We are both new to this area. We don´t know anything about it. We are white washing it which is a term for when two missionaries that know the area leave it and two other missionaries enter it knowing nothing. It is extremely hard already and my brain is like it was when I first became a missionary. So many things to do and learn and get settled but it will be a great adventure!!! i am happy!!! :) :) so no worries about that!! This morning at the church when we were being transferred everyone asked where i was going and when i told them they all just kept telling me how amazing this area is and how great the members are and that the bishop is the best and that I will LOVE this area!!!!! So I am really excited!!! This first week will be super hard because we are building it completely new but we are ready for it and I know it will be great!!! Or I hope so at least!! :) Did Hermana Jensen´s mom tell you anything else about me getting transferred?
Shoot my comp is already done writing. Transfer weeks are always so crazy and I want to write tons but never can. Since we are both new here, we have to do lots of learning and getting to know. It will take some time!!! But so goes the work! :)

The wedding seems like it went great!!! Sorry I can´t comment on it all like I would have before! :( Congratulate Shaun and Katie and Nathanial and his bride for me!! I wrote Shaun last week so I hope he got it! I LOVED THE PICS!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THEM!! :) :) Everything looks so perfect and beautiful!! And YOU look so great Mom!!! I want to see your entire outfit!! Where did you end up getting it?? :) 

READ THIS QUICK CUZ I MIGHT NEED TO LEAVE! :) Awe so cute!!! And this week I think I need you to chat...i am pretty stressed right now and I think we are just about to leave. But my head is going in circles again, just like when I started my mission. I do not work well under pressure ha. We are completely new to this area. Right now we are trying to get things figured out and I probably should help my comp. I guess I should tell you something big that happened ha. I was going to hold off but I will just let you know so you understand why I am stressed and feel like i am going to die haha. Yesterday President called us during the day and we thought that was pretty strange because we already knew that Hermana Jensen was going to train and President usually never calls. We were going to receive transfer calls that night and so we thought maybe President was going to tell us this time. Usually it is the zone leaders. Anyway, we answered the call and he told us that we had better be sitting down because something big was going to happen. I had no clue at this point. He told us that Hermana Jensen would be staying in El Talar and then he said hermana syphus, you will be opening the area of Chacabuco 3 with Hermana Lobo and we would like to call you as a sister training leader if you accept the calling. I am sure I had a blank look on my face at this point haha. I told him that i was definitely not expecting that but that yes, i would accept if it was what the Lord wanted. So, here I am haha. I don´t know if you know Mom, what a sister training leader is, but she is like an assistant to the president but a sister instead of an elder. I am a bit blown away still. Don´t feel like I am ready for this or prepared! There are now 5 sister training leaders. Hermana Lobo has been one for a while and so she is senior comp and is training me to become a stl. I do not know why the Lord would have called me to this position but I hope I can serve these hermanas well and be the missionary that He wants me to be. Crazy stuff. 

I guess Hermana Jensen´s mom gave you a bit of info about Hermana Jensens bday. Laura helped out and it worked out really well!!! :) I was so surprised that Hermana didn´t her me during the night decorating but it ended up working! I know she would have done much more for me on my birthday but I hope she enjoyed it. It was funny because I had to blow up the balloons in the morning when she was in the shower and hide them throughout the house haha. Because during the night she would have heard me!! I was able to make some signs and Laura also got some other cute decorations to use. It was really fun!! I wish i could comment more about it and what we did throughout the day! We had lots of food that day though! :) Hermana Jensen is SO LOVED!! The members love her and so does the whole world!! I am going to miss her so much!!!!
Laura did not got baptized. It is a pretty long story which I hope I can tell next week better. But basically, she told us that Gabriel left the house and got super mad about the whole thing. He said that he was going to take their son Matias if she got baptized. She said that she didn´t care if Gabriel left but that Matias is the thing she loves most in the world and couldn´t leave her son. It was so crazy and just a really depressing few days for us all. I never thought I would see something like that happening. Laura apologized so much and felt so bad and still wants to be baptized but just can´t right now. I know that she will another opportunity in the future. She will always have such a special place in my heart. She told us that although she can´t be baptized, she is still going to live the commandments like the word of wisdom and not shopping on sunday and such haha. We were very happy about that! Gabriel returned home and they are happy now, she just is different a bit, not as happy. I hate to give that bad news. I know that God had a plan for her and that it will all work out someday. We are still praying for her.
So now I am here in Chacabuco 3 with more miracles and adventures awaiting me :) I am very excited to be here although i will miss so much El Talar and the people and my comp.
Mom I promise I am happy and doing very well!!! Things will work out how the Lords wants them if we are obedient. I know that we will be blessed here in this area and I really am excited for it. And about my new calling, I would only like you and dad to know because it is nothing of great importance that needs to be shared. I just figured I´d better tell my parents haha. I am still a normal missionary like all the other hermanas. I feel like there are so many other hermanas so much greater than me, and I really don´t understand why I have this calling.I know it has nothing to do with being the greatest! I am a lost puppy right now but I hope things will clear up soon.
I better go! Love you so much and thanks for the great emails this week! I love being a missionary and I am grateful for the blessings received! Thanks for everything and I hope you have a great week. Love you!!
Hermana Syphus 

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