Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 51 (Mar. 24, 2014 Parque Chacabuco, Argentina)

Hey mom :) just a few random questions like always if thats ok and if you are there :)
1. Do you know Kimberly´s and Nik´s emails?
2. How did the cinnamon rolls turn out? I was really craving them this past week...thanks a lot. Ha 
3. Is Jordan Bell an assistant to the President in his mission?
4. Did you look up what a villa looks like?

Also, I just wanted to tell you some things that I have been thinking about and maybe you could help me or give me advice. So this new calling that I have, I really love it and am so thankful that God trusts me enough to have it. But I just keep thinking that I do not deserve it and that I have no idea why i was called to this position. Throughout my entire mission I have tried to improve my comparing issue. I am still working on it ha. I just look at the other sister training leaders and they are so amazing. All of them. I am nothing like them. I was reading one of Jordy´s dear elders that I just received from you the other day. And i loved something that he said. That there are two types of faith. The faith to endure and the faith to change patterns. And that the definition of a leader is someone who changes patterns for something better. I loved that but thought about it and decided that I do have faith to endure because God could give me any calling I would be willing to do it I think because I have the faith that he will help me to it. But I am not the kind of person that can change patterns and I feel like that is what I need to do. Like the other hermana training leaders are doing. They are true leaders. I am not really a leader. I like to follow people and I often do not take the initiative like I should. I feel like I am not doing what I need to be doing and that I am not the example that the other sisters need or expect. I cannot really lead. I still get read in the face when I have to talk in front of other missionaries and we have to do that a lot. I feel like I can´t counsel or advice people to do things because I am not good at that and I need to be better myself in order to counsel people. In the missionary handbook it has a part for the leaders and I have been studying it and feel like I lack so much and that there are so many other hermanas so much better than me! I am not a really good teacher and Jordy also said something in his email about how they had to do practices or lessons and introducing the book of Mormon with all the missionaries in order to see how well they taught. Well we as leaders are supposed to be good teachers and know how to teach and I still feel like I can´t teach well and that I get scattered and I am just struggling to accept that I am good enough for this sacred calling. I want to be better and I am trying to apply the atonement to receive the help I need. Ugh, so anyway, that is that. I feel a bit better now that I have talked to you about it haha. Thanks mom :)

We gave her a picture of cousin Devin who came home from his mission.
Aww thanks so much for this!! I love it! Devin looks so happy and so does this cute family!! One of the hardest things in the mission is becoming so close to so many people and families and having to leave them! I am sure they are missing Devin too! 

Haha sorry about not explaining well again. My spelling was awful as well so that did not help you at all haha. But I was just referring to the number of people at church on Sunday. This ward has about 180 people at church each Sunday! That is what I was trying to say :) please let me know when you don´t understand and I will be happy to explain. Sorry about my crazy writing ha.
Before I forget AGAIN, I want to write a message for Nik! Just something short. 

Nik- You leave in 8 days for El Salvador!!!!!!!!!! Que loco!! Niko, you will be so great in El Salvador and will meet so many people that will have a desire to change their lives and become closer to Christ because of YOUR testimony and love. I know that you will love your mission and will learn so much!! You are so great already and will be even better in two years!!! I will miss you so much! It will be hard not to see you for so long but is totally worth it! AND, WE CAN TALK SPANISH TO EACH OTHER!!!! That will be the best!!! But I am sure you will speak a lot better than me haha. But my spanish will be prettier than yours haha ;) Aw man I am so excited for you :) :) Keep going when it gets hard. Because it will get hard. But all the hard times are so worth it because you will grow so much and feel so strongly God´s love for you and for those you are serving! You will have your happiest times on your mission!!! I do not have to wish you good luck because you will be so great!!! LOVE YOU TONS NIKO!!! See you in two years!!!! :) :) :) Le amo mucho mi primo!! Disfrute cada momento porque solo va a pasar una vez!!
Kimbers- Congrats on your call to SPOKANE WA!!!!!! That was my first mission!!!!!! You will love love love it!!!!! Man I can´t wait to hear your stories and experiences!!!! I am so proud to call you my cousin and friend and I love you so much! You will be such a great missionary and will change so many people´s lives with your testimony and with the way that your show love to all people!! I am so happy and excited for you Kimbers!! Love you tons! 

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MOM!!!! I am finishing up my email to you and will be getting off! I wanted to write a few people this week so my email to you about my week is a little dry but next week will be better! But once again this weeks is just an email for you i guess. I don´t know why but I feel better and more relaxed if I know I am just writing to you and the fam. I need to be better though and address it to everyone. Is there anything you asked me that I didn´t answer? Sorry I am a scattered mess today! I hope I can be more organized and give you a better email next week! Love you so much mom!!! Thanks for everything! I am great and doing very well!!! :) :) Oh one thing!! How are Kylie and Kari and their babies?

This week we had the blessing of having 6 investigators at church!! We are still teaching the Rocha family and some of them are progressing well! Yoselin we haven´t been able to see as much because of her work but Robert, Alejandra, Rosario, German (brother), Fernanda (sister) and Laurtaro (cousin) all came to church yesterday and enjoyed it once again! We also had Nancy and her daughter Milenka at church as well! They are a mother and daughter and are antiguo investigators (I really can´t remember how that is said in English) from last year and we went by this past week to teach them and only Nancy was home. We asked her if she would like to continue learning about the church and she said that she had been having lots of family problems and had a desire to learn and start going to church again and so we are hoping that we can continue teaching her! And she came yesterday with her daughter! But only for sacrament meeting. But at least it was sacrament meeting! I am always so grateful to partake of the sacrament and think about the Savior during this time. I love thinking about the things that I need to change that week in order to become closer to Him.
Alejandra and Roberto should be getting baptized this Sunday but they still lack a few lessons and so we are thinking that two weeks from now will be better. But we will see! This family is a gift from God! They are doing very well and really feel good in the church and love going on Sunday. I will let you know about what goes on this week with them!
So apparently all the missionaries that come to this area gain weight because the members are so awesome and give us TONS of food. We have already seen this...and felt it too. So Hermana Lobo and I decided to wake up early and go running every morning so we don´t get too fat haha. It has been nice but we are pretty tired! It´s okay though because I have gotten used to it by now i think. It is also nice to be able to go running again! I am loving it!
I went on my first exchange this week with the sisters in Liniers and it was a great experience! I learned so much from them and loved seeing the work that they are doing in their area! They are seeing so many miracles! We went to go contact a referral and had a 5 minute lesson with him and invited him to be baptized and he accepted! i believe he came to church yesterday as well! It was a great day with them and I was able to learn so much. They are exactly obedient with is what I love the most! I am so happy as a missionary when I see that other missionaries are being exactly obedient! It helps me feel so blessed to be a part of this mission!! :)
We have taught the plan of salvation a few times this week and i was thinking about how amazing this knowledge is. I realized that all my life I have known about this plan and that my family can be together forever, and that I haven´t really had to wait for anyone to tell me. I thought about how I would feel if I was an investigator, learning for the first time in my life that my family could be together forever through Christ. I feel like the spirit would enter my whole body and I would feel like the happiest person ever! It would be such a powerful feeling I feel like. I hope that this is how people feel when they hear this. I know that when we bare our testimonies in words as simple as I know that families can live together forever, that the spirit can testify to the people and that they can feel this happiness and hope and love that we feel with this knowledge!! i am so blessed to have the family that I have and to know that we can all like together forever! i am grateful to be a missionary and to teach this divine truth to God´s children. I love being a missionary and I love these people so much.
Love you so much Mom and Dad and thanks for all you do! Give everyone my hugs and kisses! I am so blessed to have the family and friends that I have! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts and love! They are felt here!
Hermana Syphus 

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