Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 13 (July 8, 2013 Ephrata, WA)

Hi mom :)

For some reason time has really gone by fast today for emailing and so I wanted to at least write you. I am just brain dead right now and I wanted to write you and dad because thinking of you two helps me calm down and helps me cope. 

That is so great about Nick! Haha and very funny about him wanting to chase Braquel before she leaves :) let me know how that goes ha. 

And yes, you can leave all those emails in my inbox. I can always sort through them after my mission too. I honestly don't know how to write all these people back! It is so difficult and Mom, I just worry so much about them getting hurt feelings. I don't know how other missionaries do it and maybe it is because I am selfish in some way or something but I don't know!! And I try to remember to include "thank you's" to people in my emails but my brain just goes wacko whenever I get to the computer. But thank you for that advise, I will try to be better at that. Have people been asking about why I don't write back or anything like that? I have been getting quite a few letters which has been such a blessing and so it is hard to remember everything and everyone and that is why I think I am selfish  Like even if I don't seem like I am, maybe it is an inner thing or something and I just don't know it ha. Because my patriarchal blessing says that I "learn quickly and remember great volumes." Hahaha! That is funny. And I know it is a blessing from God so it must be right but I don't know exactly how that is. I just want people to know that I love them and am so thankful for them. And I start letters to people but never finish them, and that is the other thing. For example, I have a started but not finished letter to: Kami, Erik, Joel, Kambree, Kendyl, you and dad, Bronte, Clel, The Bennet family, and a few more I think. Ugh! Anyway, I hope everything works out and that I come home a better person then from when I left. But I promise I am happy! :) I just start feeling bad when i think about not writing people and such. 

I am excited to tell you about this week! Maybe I can do it in a nice summary type of way since there is not much time. 

As you know, last Wednesday Hermana Pendleton left to Peru and so I was with the Hermanas in Quincy for a few days. They were technically my comps so you can add them to the list if you want :) Their names are Hermanas Mierow and Rohde if I didn't tell you already. So I worked with them in Quincy for a while and it was a CRAZY few days but it was so wonderful to see the Lord's hands in the entire process. I am so glad I am not the one that has to UNDERSTAND HOW everything is going to work out; that is the Lord's job. I just have to understand that IT WILL work out in the end if I am doing what he asks. And I have had to remember that this past week. Heavenly Father is teaching me so much! I have had so many changes and things happening on my mission and Sister Mierow who is going home in August told me that it is so weird to see all the things that have happened to me on my mission and how crazy it has been for me so far even though I have only been out 3 months. And she said that the hard situations and things that are happening with me are not normal and that the rest of my mission should be easier haha :) But you know? I am so thankful for the things that have happened to me on my mission so far. I have praying to become more like Christ and to do whatever it takes to help me become more like Him. And so I think these situations are helping that to happen. I want to be fully converted so that I will be more worthy to teach these people and help them become converted as well. And the other thing is, I don't think I have told you and dad all the craziness that has been happening lately because of lack of time so you might not know why am saying that it has been crazy but I think it has been. And maybe it hasn't been and I think it has been. WHO KNOWS?! Ha :) 

I was so worried to get a new companion because change is hard for me and I had already had five companions (that is five companions in 2.5 months...crazy!), and I was still going to be the junior comp but I also had been in the area almost 2 weeks and she hadn't been in it at all so I would have to know and remember things. But anyway this is how it went:

Monday we got a call from Pres. Ware and he said that I would be getting a new comp on Wednesday at the meet and greet with him and his wife. He said that my new comp was from the Kennewick mission and would be the first one to come up to our part of the state. She was in a trio and spanish speaking and they also prayed long and hard about it I have been told. So Wednesday we met Pres. Ware and his wife and they are so amazing! He is wonderful and so soft spoken and sweet and so is his wife. I am so excited to work with them :) My new comp. is Hermana Williams and she is from Arlington, Texas. She is not a visa waiter. She has been out 6 months and umm...yes. So when Sis. Pendleton left I was very nervous because I didn't know anything about Ephrata and didn't know where things were or where people lived and there was just so much to handle all at once and I was nervous. Sis. Williams was new of course and so we have pretty much been sweeping this area (which means two missionaries go into an area knowing nothing about it), and it has been tough. But I have to tell you, two weeks ago I would have never thought that I could do some of the things that I have had to do. And that is why I have gained such a huge reassurance that God is helping me and giving me the strength and the means to do everything that needs to be done. It is not me I can tell you that. Because two weeks ago I had a companion that knew the area and knew how to plan well and things like that. But now I have had to try to do that since my comp is completely new to the area. And I have been blessed and the Lord is with us. He is the reason that we are able to do these things. He has helped me see that when I think I cannot do something hard alone, he is right. But with His help, anything can happen! And I know that is true. Oh boy mom time is up and I had so much more to tell you. There are experiences and miracles and people I want to tell you about! I will do that next week or in a letter or something. I am so happy and I am doing great I promise :) 

Mom and Dad I am very blessed to be on my mission and to be a missionary. I am loving every moment and I am seeing so many wonderful things. I love you so much and I am so thankful to have such pure hearted and loving parents. I am receiving strength from Heavenly Father and that is the only way that this week has been possible! All is well :) Thanks for everything and sorry for the boring long email. Next weeks will be better I hope :/ Love you so much! 



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