Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 16 (July 29, 2013 Congreso, Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission)

Dear Family and Friends,
My companions are actually waiting for me because they are all done but we still have 20 minutes to email! So this might be short and next weeks will be longer but for the first bit of news, I made it to Argentina!! I would love to tell you all everything about it and all my thoughts and stories but I just can´t! To try and sum up the past few days, it has been crazy but wonderful! The plane rides were all great and I traveled with 15 other elders. On the way to Argentina I sat by a family and they spoke spanish of course. They had two sons and one was called Lucas and he sat next to me. He was 4 and was just the cutest ever. They know about the church but haven´t been taught anything. I finally got the courage to give them a pamphlet and talk to them a bit about God´s plan for families. It was so scary and difficult! Which is probably not a good thing considering I have been on my mision for 3 months ha. But I know that Heavenly Father gave me that opportunity and that he helped me to talk to them. We got to Argentina and met the Pres and his wife and went to the mission home for lunch and a lots of info. I LOVE the pres and his wife so much! THey are incredible and are so powerful. Later that night I met my THREE comps. And here is the dealio: they are all latinos and NONE of them speak english. One is from Peru, one from here, and the other from Mexico. One of them knows a few words but not much. I was very concerned when I found out I was going to have three comps that didn´t speak my native language. But then I remembered that Heavenly Father does not give me things that I can´t handle, and so I knew that everything would somehow be okay haha. And it has been! I love this so much!! Being a missionary is different here in Argentina and we do things a lot differently, but it is still the Lord´s work and is the same. I love my companions. It is funny because when someone talks to me on the street or at church or wherever and I don´t understand (which is pretty much every time someone talks to me ha), I will turn to my comps and wait for them to translate but guess what?! They don´t know english and can´t translate! haha it is actually quite funny to me. And mom our apartment...lets just say I am so blessed in the united states. For sake of time I won´t describe it until next week but it is hard for four people to live in it. It is our house though and so I love it all the same :) Time is up now! I have much more to say and realize that I didn´t say much about what has been happening here but next week! Mom, I hope this was enough info to help you know that I am A OK and that all is very well here! I don´t know how those pics looked but I prob looked very tired ha. And if I did look more fat then you need to tell me haha. Anyway, I better go. Argentina is the best and I love being here on my mission. I know this is the Lord´s work and that He lives. I love you all so much!
Con amor,
Hermana Syphus :)
 I arrive in Argentina tired and worn but so happy!
Pres. & Sis. Ayre

Hello Mom! :) I am not sure what time it is there so I don´t know if you are at the computer ha but here are a few random questions:
were shaun and erik ever APs?
Ok well I had more but I can´t think of them now. Maybe the will come later. But to answer your questions:
Did all of the elders get to go on the flight with you?
Yes they did :) The person giving the seats out was a member so he made sure that they all got a seat! Very nice of him :) 
Name of area/ward or branch and comp that you're assigned to for your chart.
My area is called Congreso :) and I actually have 3 companions! We are a comp. of 4! They are all so wonderful and they are called: Hermanas Vivas, Cipriano, y Herrera. 
What were you saying about a pkg. you were mailing when we were cut off? 
Oh yes, there should be a few packages coming to you because I had to send some things off. With the letter though, can you please keep the envelopes with them? I can´t remember what I sent home exactly but if you have any questions about anything, just ask me :) 
Did you try calling after that?  I found out 1 1/2 hours later that our phone was still on so I hope you hadn't tried calling again.
I did try calling after that but it is okay because I had to leave soon anyway, I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone but I will call again on Christmas so all is well :) 
$75 charge from Delta Air lines on your acc.  Was your luggage too heavy after all?
No my luggage was not over weight and I was wondering about that to. But they charged everyone for a luggage fee and said that we would be reimbursed so I kept the receipt but I haven´t heard anything from anyone about it yet so I am not sure.

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