Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 29 (Oct. 28, 2013 Congreso, Argentina)

Oh mom I just always smile so big when I see and read your emails :) I sure love you and that love continues to grow greater each day that I am here in Argentina. I know I have said this before, but it is crazy how much closer I feel to you and dad being on my mission. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Thank you for your prayers and for always supporting me and the people here through them. It means so much and is helping us greatly. Thanks so much for the pictures! I love them and Joel and Kambree look so great! What good lookin´ siblings I have :) But it is no surprise that they are good looking when you look at their parents! :) And there is just something in the faces of you and dad that is so radiant and I just love it. You and dad have the image of Christ in your countenances and it radiates. Hermana Mowery (who lives with us) was looking at the pics of our fam on my calendar and commented that my parents and siblings are all so beautiful! Of course I am the odd ball and exception to that comment haha :) But that´s okay because I am a daughter of God :) Thanks for letting me know last week that you don´t notice a change in my weight haha. That is good to know although I have gained some for sure ha. But no worries I am not worried about that. To answer your questions, yes I still get to see Gabi because we are always in this building teaching people and most of the recent converts live there and so we get to see her often which is really nice :) She is precious and it is hard to see so much yuck around her in that building. I hope that she will remember the spirit she felt in the church and that someday she will be able to have the Gospel in her life. Yes we have running water and a working stove and such but some things are more complicated to get running haha. Adventures of my mission :) Our toilet has stopped working a few times and is currently broken but we get by and I know that these little trials are only helping me learn humility and are helping me to grow and so I am thankful for them! And my shoes...ha. Ya they are a little worn out by this time. I can still wear all of them but the one pair of brown shoes with the bow is getting to the point were I might need to stop wearing them. The black ones and other pair of brown ones are holding up well :) My feet are starting to feel the pain of walking all day though! But it is sure a sweet thing to see Heavenly Father´s hand and concern in things as small as sore feet. He is sure helping my do this work and I am very blessed mom. VERY blessed. 

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