Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 30 (Nov. 5, 2013 El Talar, Argentina)

Oh why hello Mom! I have 30 minutes left and I am working on my email from last week and so I don´t know if I will have time to write a big email to all people about this past week and so I need to at least tell you what has happened! So last night we were anxiously waiting to receive the call from the elders about transfers and I felt a desire so strongly to stay in Congreso. I have really come to love Congreso, mom. It has become a very special place to me and I didn´t realize how much I loved the people and how close I became to them until I realized I was leaving. Yes, I left Congreso. I wanted to stay so badly, especially since Hernan is going to be baptized this Sunday and it would have been our first baptism of the transfer (well technically it is going to be in this transfer but we met him in the last transfer and it would have been the first baptism of someone that didn´t have a connection with the church at all). We have been working so hard with him and he is so prepared and doing so great! Heavenly Father sure knows how to get me out of my comfort zone haha. I get comfortable in an area, I know the members and love them, we have someone that is solid and that is going to be baptized, I know my way around, and then what happens?! I get transferred. Yup I just love it so much :) haha. But I am trying to remember that the only thing that matters is that he gets baptized. And I know he will :) But I am trying to stay positive because I know that this is the Lord´s will. You know? I just really am thankful that I can know that all these things happen because Heavenly Father has a plan and a will. Because if I didn´t have that knowledge, I would just be so sad and depressed that all these things are happening. But because I have a knowledge that God is great and good and that His plan is perfect, I find comfort in the things that He sends me and the trials that I have. Because I know that they will help me fulfill the plan that He has for me. 

So anyway ha, about my new area and companion! My area is called El Talar and is in Provincia. It is not as much city as Congreso but is still similar in many ways. My companion is Hermana Fullmer and she is from Jerome, Idaho. She says she knows some Morgans but not sure if it is the same family. She is 19 years old and has been on her mission for 6 weeks! Yup you know what that means! I will be training Hermana Fullmer for her last 6 weeks of the 12 weeks program! And I am so stinkin´ nervous. I never thought this day would come. I don´t want to ruin any of God´s missionaries and I sure hope that He will give me the strength to train her like He wants her to be trained. Last night at around 8:30 we got a call from the assistants telling me that I was going to be senor companion this next transfer and that later that night I would find out where I was going. I was so shocked and really thought that someone had made a mistake haha. That night (last night) I found out I was going to El Talar and that tomorrow (today) I would know my comp. So at this point I still didn´t know my comp or how long she had or that I was going to finish her training. I found all that out about 3 hours ago! Wow ma, I just don´t know how this is going to go down but I do know that it is the Lord´s will and I will be trying my very best to do it right. I know I will be praying lots more to receive the strength that I NEED in order to take on this responsibility. I am so nervous and do not think I am ready at all to train yet, let alone be a senor comp, but i am trying to have confidence and trust in the Lord so that I can be an example to my comp. This will be an adventure and I am excited to have this opportunity because I know it will stretch me and help me become a better missionary. And as I said before, Hermana Fullmer only has 6 weeks and she is American and didn´t know any spanish before her mission...so this is going to be really fun haha. :) I don´t want to get into the habit of talking english with her because that is just going to ruin us. But it is sure hard because we both know english and she still can´t really speak much spanish so it is a huge temptation to speak english! But i am going to take on the responsibility that God has given me and run with it. Man I need to go mom and once again I didn´t finish my email :( I want to say lots more about what has happened! Oh! I got my package today! Thank you so much! I am not going to open it until Christmas, or at least I am going to try haha. But thanks so much mom. I sure appreciate it! I will continue next week with my email and hope that I will not be as rambly as I was in this one. Sorry about that :/ Oh and can you leave the in boxes that came from this past week in my email and not separate them? I want to reply to some people but didn´t have time today. Thanks :) Let everyone know that I love them and am so thankful for them and their prayers and support. I know that God lives and that even though we will always have trails, we will also ALWAYS have blessings and happy moments. :) I love this work and hope to always be qualified and worthy in order to do it. Love you so much Mom and have a great week!!!! 

Oh and to quickly let you know that your most gracious and heart felt prayers have been answered, we had TWO investigators at church on Sunday!!! Hernan and Luis :)  It was such a blessing and miracle and I know that the Lord´s hand made it possible. Details next week! :) But I am happy and so thankful to Heavenly Father and so thankful for you and the family for your prayers! You are all so wonderful and I know that because of your faith and prayers, the Lord is blessing us and our investigators all the way in Argentina and I am so thankful. I know that when we pray for specific things, the Lord will give us specific answers when we need them and if it is according to His will! Thank you thank you thank you! Sunday was a happy happy day thanks to you all and thanks to Heavenly Father´s love and grace. :) :)  

Love, Kates 

Just signing off mom but want to tell you that I am in tears because you are in tears and that I love you so much. I really hope it will be okay, I am really relying on the Lord and His grace because I know I can´t do it alone. I don´t know how to do this but I know that He is my strength. Thank you mom for helping me feel your love and support and words of encouragement. I really do get chills every time I read the words "we are proud of you and we love you" because it helps me so much. Love you so much too mom!! You and the family are always in my heart! 

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