Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 39 (Jan. 6, 2014 El Talar, Argentina)

Hola a vos tambien mi mama! :)

Thank you so much for your email! Once again I loved it so much and was glad to hear about all that has been going on! I will answer your questions and then I have some for you too and then I will write my email about this week. It has been a good one! 

The heat is still the same but last week was a bit better. And ya it did rain! Lots actually! I love the rain but it is a different story as a missionary because you have to work in it and it is hard haha. Our house gets water in it just from under the door when it rains and so we woke up and there was water all over in our kitchen ha. My umbrella broke because it was pretty windy the last rain storm we had but i was still able to use it last week thankfully. I need to buy a new one maybe. 

When we were at the MTC they gave us this water bottle with a filter in it and so that is what I have been using my entire time here :) I just fill it up with water and put it in the fridge to get cold and it works great! But I think the water here is just fine to drink without a filter because we make juice all the time and it is just water and a juice packet and I have never got sick from it so that is good! And because it is so hot, people will just fill empty pop bottles up with water and then freeze them and take them around all day and it will melt super fast. I have done that with small water bottles because the filter water bottle is pretty big and hard to carry all day so I just do it how everyone does it here and it works great.I have not heard about the coke thing though, that is interesting. They do drink a lot of pop here though so if that is the case, it is probably helping! ha

I think I am okay with garments so far but I will for sure let you know, thanks so much mom :) And there have been times when I remember I need to ask you for something but then always forget what it is when I email haha. So I will let you know on that too. But you read my mind about the deodorant! I am running out and they do have it here but it is wierd! So thank you so much for that! I don´t know how you do it! 

Alex will be getting baptized this sunday if all goes well!! We are so excited and I can´t wait to finally see it happen! :) 

I don´t even know what I was talking about when I said that I need a place haha. That is really weird to me. I will have to look back at the letter and see. 

So some questions for you: 

1. When is Joel going on his mission? That is one thing that I was for sure going to talk to him about on Christmas and didn´t do it! I was so sad! I was going to give him advice and talk to him about how great it is and all but there wasn´t time! 

2. I know you said that I looked nice on Christmas, but you didn´t say if I looked bigger or not hahaha. So...did I look a bit bigger? Please tell me the truth! haha :)

3. Does Shaun seem happy with Katie? And what do you think about them?

4. How is that working with only one car? What has been happening with that? 

And to reply to some of your email:

Congrats on your new calling! I hope you love it and I know that you will be great at that! 

That is amazing about the money that we got from the car. I can´t believe all these blessings that our family is seeing. That really is so neat. I know that Heavenly Father blesses His children when they are keeping the commandments AND covenants. And to me, that just means that you and dad are doing exactly what Heavenly Father wants you to be doing because of all these great blessings. 

Bronte´s wedding sounded like a lot of fun! I am so happy for her and am glad that you were able to see her so happy and enjoying life! That is crazy that she is married! How is the Zeigler family by the way? Do they still like me? haha How are Mattie and Collette? 

Haha gpa is so funny. I am glad that they look good and hope that I will get to see them when I get back. I hope that so much. 

I am so glad to hear that Pete´s funeral was great and that his family is doing good as well. I will keep them in my prayers. I know that the Lord´s spirit will be with them especially strong for the next while, because that is what I am sure they will need. And we are told in the scriptures that when we are happy, he is happy, and when we cry, he cries. So I know that He will he there with them! 

Okay so about this week! We saw so many miracles here in El Talar and I am grateful for each one of them. We were teaching an investigator and he asked us if there were miracles still. I told him that we had just seen a miracle before the visit with him and that I knew that God still gave us miracles. He asked what it was and I told him that it was simply someone accepting the invitation to learn more about the message of Christ and His gospel. He didn´t really think that was a miracle but I sure know it was! I know that miracles happen everyday. God is a god of miracles. They may be small, but they are still there. I believe that every tender mercy we receive is a miracle. Because when you look at the world that we live in today, it is pretty rough. And each time we receive something that helps us to know that God lives and loves us and is aware of us, is a miracle to me. And I just love my Heavenly Father so much and am thankful for His small and great miracles. 

First off, Eric and Lisandro were confirmed yesterday! Hermana Jensen and I were both praying and fasting so that they would be able to come without any problems and they showed up at exactly 9:00! Eric even had a fever I guess but they still came because Natalia knew how important it was! We had talked to them a lot that week about the importance of the Holy Ghost and being confirmed and how baptism wasn´t complete without it. We asked them if we could do anything to help them for sure get to church on Sunday and Natalia just told us that si o si, they would be there. So we just prayed and prayed and God made it all possible! Poor Eric though :( They actually went home after sacrament meeting because Eric wasn´t feeling good. But I am so happy that there are now two precious sons of God who have joined the true church of Jesus Christ and i am going to do everything I can to help them remain faithful and strong! We were at their house this past week and Natalia told us that she has noticed a difference in her boys. She said that they are more calm and obedient and don´t flight as much. She said that she feels like even though they are young, they can feel the peace that the gospel brings them, even if they can´t recognize it. That was some heartwarming news for us :) Oh and another miracle with this family. So Eric has a friend named Angel, and his mom is a pastor of the church he goes to. When we first started teaching Eric and his brothers, Angel was a little punk and would always make fun of Eric and just say rude things to us when we passed by. But we would always just say hi to him and try to not do anything to him that we would regret haha. This past week, Angel has been listening in on the lessons with eric and his brothers and told us that he wanted to go to church with us on sunday. We couldn´t believe it! It was a miracle! He has completely changed is always so nice to us now and is respectful. He is happy for Eric and is really just different. He ended up not coming on Sunday but I know that he will. This Gospel really changes people, even if it is slowly. I know that even just the teachings of the gospel help people understand why we do what we do as missionaries and that they bring a peace into people´s lives. 

By the way mom, just to let you know how great my comp is, I have been pretty sick the past few days with a little fever (nothing big i promise!) and she has been talking such good care of me. You can tell her mom how wonderful she is if you would like. I have only had to stay home once or twice on my mission from being sick, and yesterday was one of them :( after church though of course :) I don´t want to complain and be all whoa is me like, but I promise I wouldn´t have stayed in if it was something small. I hate not being out working, i feel so guilty and disobedient and just low. But yesterday i think it was necessary. So anyway, my comp is great and has been taking great care of me and I am so thankful for her! 

Another miracle that we had this week involves prayer :) I still need the map to get around in certain places. Well we were walking down this road and I had just looked at the map 5 minutes earlier but when I needed it to see where our next appointment was, it wan´t there. We looked and looked for it in our bags and everywhere and couldn´t find it. I was really worried because we needed it in order to find where we needed to go. We said a prayer and started walking back the way we came. Some minutes later, we see a laminated piece of paper in the middle of the street. And it was the map! We said another prayer of thanks and got to out appointment okay :) I was so thankful for that little miracle. 

This is really random but we found a spider the other night and it was HUGE. I couldn´t take a picture of it because my camera was dead but hermana jensen has one. It was seriously one of the biggest I have seen! I was super scared haha and hermana jensen killed it bless her heart. We have bugs in our house and I want to ask the owner if it can be sprayed because it is no bueno that´s for sure. 

We have investigators but it is hard to get them to progress! Now that we are being blessed with these baptisms I feel like they are just going to keep coming but it is not that easy! I am hoping and praying that we will find some elect people or that they will find us, so that we can help more people make sacred covenants with God! I have been on for a while and had a few more stories to tell but next week I will let you know. Just remind me, I need to tell you about Laura and Antonella and her grandma :) 

I think I told you this last week, but I have been studying Jacob 5 more and reading it as a missionary is amazing. I have such a different perspective on it now that I should have always had, but it is now just starting to come. I love this chapter so much and invite who ever wants to to read it as if they were a missionary (which we all are anyway! :)). It is so amazing! Next week I will tell you some of the things the spirit has taught me from this chapter. 

I know that this is Christ´s church and that He lives. I know that God´s children can be saved through the atonement of Jesus Christ, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel like the 3rd article of faith says.Obedience is so important. I am learning that more and more on my mission and still lack in order to be exactly obedient! I am trying to be better each day. But I know that we can apply the atonement to our lives even more when we are being obedient to our covenants and the commandments. I love this work and I love being a missionary :) It brings me so much happiness! :)

Mom I love you so much and am so thankful for all that you do for me. I know that I am seeing miracles here and being blessed because you and the family are helping me and doing what you are supposed to! Thank you for your prayers and love! Tell the ward hi and that I love them! Tell all the family hi as well and that I love them all so much! Oh and let grandma white know that I wish her a very happy birthday this sunday and hope she has a great day! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! :) :) 

Con Amor,
Hermana Syphus
Kates :) 
Hump Day...already!
9 months in my mission! :) 
Hermana Jensen made me a sign and bought me an alfajor!
 I love her so much!!!! :) 
 9 months in my mission :( it´s going by too fast

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