Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 42 1/2 (Jan. 22, 2014 El Talar, Argentina)

Hey Ma, so president told us that we could email a different day other than monday because we didn´t really have much time. So we are doing it today :) But we technically already had an hour on Monday and we still don´t have much time today, so I will write a bit, but we are not staying on too long. I just wanted to let you know that I am here once again if you wanted to tell me anything new :) 

I have a few more things to tell and ask you that I forgot to on Monday. I don´t know if you know this, but the Tophams sent me a Christmas package!! SO SWEET OF THEM! :) I was pleasantly surprised when I saw who it was from. They gave me a card and some warm socks, and some chewy lifesavers. I loved it so much! Will you please let them know that I say thank you so much and I love them too! I don´t even know why they would send me a package, but I was super grateful! 

Also, Bennetts sent me their Christmas card for the year and I loved it as well. Very cute pictures and such an amazing letter about their year. I enjoyed reading that so much and wanted to ask you to please let them know as well that I am thankful for them and thinking of me. I was touched. The Ridings also sent me a card and the stake as well. And also my college ward :) Lots of great surprises :) I just have the best family and friends in the world. Question: Did we not have a family Christmas card this year? I was waiting for one but figured that we didnt do one this year. 

Kylie also sent me their family christmas card and I loved it!! When did she get so creative!? Just kidding, she as alsways been like that. But seriously, it was so cute! I loved it. 

So a question for you: Did Bronte lose weight!?!? Becasue she sent me some pictures of her wedding and she looked super skinny! She looked good before but in these pics she looked even skinnier! Is that real life or just the pics?

You are going to send me and invite to Shaun´s wedding right? Ha :) 

Hermana Jensen´s mom sent her a christmas package before Christmas with her presents and another one as well that didn´t get here until this last week. It was pretty impressive I must say haha. There was a mini Christmas tree with lights that you didn´t have to plug in, and little ornaments to go with it. Then there was more presents and little stockings for each of us!! It even had a tag on it that said "To Kelsi´s companion" There was lip gloss in it and a braclet and my favorite....CHRISTMAS TREE REESES!! I asked Hermana Jensen how her mom knew that those were my favorite haha. We also each got gold fish, hot chocolate, mini m&m´s and a bag of peanut m&m´s. I thought that was super sweet of her and was so suprised to have received my own individual ones from her! So that was really fun. If you still have contact with her mom, you can tell her I say thanks so much for everything and that I appreciate it! But even with all these goodies and such, the present from you and the family was the best and I love it so much. It was the perfect Christmas gift and I will be able to always have it with me. Thank you so much again for the amazing blanket. :) 

So something quick about the last week. Alex was supposed to get comfirmed on Sunday but didn´t come to church. Worst thing ever to happen to a missionary I would say. We had talked and talked about it and they were for sure going to come and it wasn´t even a problem at all to come on Sunday. They went fishing on saturday and so we couldn´t visit them. And Natalia´s phone doesn´t work so we couldn´t call her either. But we trusted them becasue they we just firm on coming. It´s just like a normal member coming to church to we weren´t really worried. Even though they told us that we didn´t need to pass by in the morning to get them, we went by anyway Sunday morning and no one answered the door. They always walk so we thought they had started walking. So we left. They didn´t shoe up ever so we went to see them yesterday and Natalia said that they had slept in because they got home so late. We told them that God was expecting to see them at church and was expecting Alex to be confirmed and because he wasn´t, he was sad and so were we. We said all that with love though ha. Natalia said that she knew how important it was and felt bad but that this sunday it will happen. We know it will too. We had a miracle happen with this family yesterday! We went to go see them like I mentioned and the dad was there!! He is never home because he is always working, but he is on his vacation so he was home! He still works but not in the evening for like a week. Anyway, he was just doing his own thing when we got there. As missionaries, we are supposed to do this thing called Congregar Israel, or congregate israel. Idk if I have already told you about this. But it is when we invite as many people as we can to a lesson before we start. Like we ask the person who we are visiting who they know that we can invite or if we see someone we just invite them, things like that. So we asked Natalia if we could invite her husband and like 3 times she told us the same thing, that he was not going to like it and didn´t want to listen. But we insisted a bit haha and told her that we would just go invite him to see. She we did and he came!!! He was hesitant at first but we talked to him for like an hour and he was so receptive. It was amazing. We have been praying and waiting for this all along. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for this family because He is making it possible for them to change. All the things that have happened with this family is evidence to me that God has a great plan for them and is helping them become an eternal family. Thank you so much for your prayers for Natalia and her family. I know that God is anwering them and that because of your support and from the family as well, we are seeing miracles here. Thank you so much. We invited him, oh his name is Dante, to be baptized and he said he wanted to but he can´t come to church because he work every sunday. We were talking about eternal families and we aked him what he was willing to do to have an eternal family. He said anything. We told him that if that was true, God would make it possible for him to go to church on Sunday in some way, but that he needed to pray to receive help and direction. He said he would. So that was an amazing experience that I have been waiting for all this time! And I am so grateful to Heavnely Father. I am going to see this family sealed some day I just know it. Or at least hear about it. I know that God is with this family. They will always be a big part of my mission. I am thankful for the trust that God has had in me to help this family come closer to Him and His Son. And now it is just getting better and better. Pray for Dante if you would! I know your prayers and those of the family really are blessing lives out here! Thanks so much! 

Well I best go. Time flies on the computer haha. I will tell more next week. Love you so much and thanks again for all you do mom! 


Wow how special is that. Kami (Freeman) is a great girl and I am so happy to hear that she is serving a mission. And in the same place as her mother. My goodness, Heavenly Father is just so loving and knows how to make us happy and feel loved. I felt His love for Kami and her family reading what you sent me. Thank you mom. 

Tell Nik that I say congrats! Glad it went well. I still remember how special and wonderful it was the fist time I went through as well. The thing I reegret is that I don´t think I wrote about it in my journal :( I really do miss the temple mom. It is hard not being able to go. It really is my favorite place to be and I haven´t been there in so long. I know that my purpose right now is different, but I still miss the temple. My comp told me about the new movie! That is so neat! 

(referring to the pics from last week)I am glad he sent them! He is a great Elder. Our cameras were dead so he did it for us haha. Thanks for letting me know and I´m glad you got them! They are the only ones I have of his baptism so keep them safe if you can :) Thanks ma

Also, you know how I was pretty sick? Well I had a cough like always and I don´t know if it was the cough that did it or what, but one of my ribs has really been hurting pretty bad. When I cough or sneeze or hiccup or breathe deep or anything like that. I don´t know what it feels like to have a broken rib, so I am not sure. Maybe it is just bruised or something. I just have to carry around a bag all day and it sure doesn´t make it better ha. It feels like it is in my back and side a bit too so I don´t even know if it is a rib. Anyway, just thought you might like to know that

The gate into our pension
The building behind the silver car is where we email.
And the La Union is where we buy groceries.

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