Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 41 (Jan. 20, 2014 El Talar, Argentina)

Hey Mom :) How are you? Oh how I love your emails. They just brighten my day so much. We just got on the computer because we have not been here in our area this entire day! And guess what we did? We had to go to San Fernando and Retiro to do my tramites or papers in order to be here in Argentina legally. I actually don´t think I told you this before, but when I first got here, we did the same thing and our papers were already expired because we had waited for our visas, so it didn´t work when I first got here. So today we had to redo everything and it was such a long process!! We got up at around 5:30 in order to be there on time. The missionary couple, Hermana and Elder Lines, are the best. They are in the office and are in charge of so many things! God´s church is really so organized and perfect! There are so many behind the scenes people and I am just so grateful for each one of them. So anyway, Hermana Lines got the entire process for the papers figured out and put everything we needed in an envelope, passport, copy of passport, money, everything that we did before my mission. And then we had to travel to Retiro to complete the process. It took all day but at least I am now legal haha! :) We first had to take a colectivo or bus to san fernando. then from there we took an electric train to retiro and then after that we took the train back to san fernando, and another colectivo back to el talar. It was a crazy day! It was so hot that this poor lady got heat exhaustion on the train and it had to stop for a bit. Lots of people went to her aid and it was very heart warming to see. The people here are like that, they care about and look out for each other. The colectivos are always packed and we usually have to stand up in them. So when a mother comes on with kids, and all the seats are taken, so many people that are sitting down will offer her their seat. Just little things like that really warm my heart and help me know that God is everywhere. He is in each heart of each person. I really love that. So just to tell you quick, I do not know how far I am going to get with this email because we have to start working in just a bit, I only have time to email you this week and hopefully next week I can email the rest. But also, next week is transfers so I will be emailing on Tuesday en vez de lunes. :) I am going to send this much now and then start with the rest si esta bien con voz :) Love you ma

This was such a great week and we still had some great obstacles but we learned from them and are going to continue working hard along side of Jesus Christ in His work. I am going to have to tell you about this week next week because we have very little time today, but here are a few short things:

Um yes I did buy something so no worries :) 
I found an adapter so we´re good with the camera
Umbrella not yet but I will get one
How does Shaun feel about his wedding day being shared with Nathanial?
I was so touched by the experience that Shaun had with Corinne´s sister. Thank you for telling me that mom. I got chills while reading it because of how sweet and Christ like it all seemed. I bet Shaun had a great time and what a lucky boy to be able to do that for someone who needed it. The Cox family is so wonderful. I am so glad that he asked Shaun. Let them know that I say hi and love them so much! I will keep their sweet daughter in my prayers. 
How did it go with Ben Bens?! Also, I love that you say Ben Ben´s hahaha, it makes me laugh so much :) I hope our families can still be great friends even though they have moved. You had better keep in great touch with them and continue to do things with them ha :) Also, I have a favor to ask. Do you think I could have Devin´s email? It would be fun to write him a short email and see how he is doing. I know his mom said that he already get´s to much email, so it´s okay if I can´t, but just wondering. 
Great news about Tyler :) Missions really change people. And it´s because it is God´s work and His time. I guess it is not so much the mission that changes people, but God and His Son that do the changing through the experiences and trials and happy times that they give us while here. It is such an extraordinary thing. I know that God is here with us. I can feel His presence. It will be so hard to stop doing this. I know that God is with all of His children, but He really is with His missionaries, walking with them and helping them help His children to receive salvation. And it is a great feeling. 
Well mom I have to go now. I mainly just wanted to say that I am doing very very good and happy and I love you so much. You are an angel and will always be the greatest angel on this earth to me. Let dad know that I love him so much and the family as well. Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help the Lord´s work progress!! Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and everything that you do! 
Oh and YES! I got the package with the deodorant and such. Thanks so much!!!! :) :) I did not have to pay to get it either so that was good :) 

Love you and have a great week! 

Con Amor, 

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