Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 73 (Aug. 26, 2014 Tigre, Argentina)

Mom! :)
First, I dont know if I will have much time to tell about this week, but i will at least tell you about transfers and some other things that have happened! I am staying here in Tigre and yes, I do have a different companion! Because my last comp and I go home at the same time and we cant be together for our last transfer. So she got transferred to CHACABUCO!!!! I was just talking to her all night last night about Chacabuco and how much she is going to love it and I told her about all the members and the recent converts and just everything. She is excited and so am I!!! I told her that she will love ending her mission there!! I am super excited to be staying in Tigre!! I know that this new transfer will bring new adeventures and many miracles!! My new companion is Hermana Traverso from Peru!! My second comp from Peru!! :) She is wonderful and is a new sister training leader this transfer! She goes home two transfers after me, in december. I just told her that I hope she likes to work hard because the only way that I am going to leave Argentina happy is if I have worked hard, diligently and being obedient, until the end!! I can tell that she is a very hard working missionary and loves to serve God and I am so excited to be with her this transfer and learn from her. I still feel like I have so so much to learn and to change and time just goes by so fast I cant believe it. I hope that I will be teachable enough so that God can continue shaping me how he needs to!!
I wanted to send that pic of alejandro and nahuel again, but it was from my other comps camera and she already left :( sorry about that mom.
This last week was a good one. We are still trying to find those that are prepared to receive the gospel and accept it! We are still working with Rosana, the girlfriend of the recent convert. She doesnt have permission from her mom but she turns 18 the beginning of sept. and really wants to be baptized so we are trying to help her prepare for the 14th of september. We want to do Gods will though and will see how it goes.
Love you so so much!!
Hermana Syphus 

Ok, finally I remembered to send this picture!! I have forgotten every week to send it! So these are the before and after pictures of my hair haha. The before one is really gross, sorry. I know that I should never let my hair get to that point but now I know that that will never happen again. I learned that it is hard to find time to keep your hair nice when serving a mission. Well at least for me anyway, for other sisters it is super easy and their hair is always so perfect. I dont know how but oh well, it doesnt matter right now anyway ha. :)
Last pday after I wrote, President called us and told us that he was in Tigre with his wife and their daughter that recently got home from her mission and that they wanted to spend pday with us! So we just walked along the river in Tigre and they took us out to eat at a yummy restaurant. They are the best!! It was super fun to be with them and to get to know their daughter. Also, this day was their anniversary!! :)

 Camila!!! :)
Hermana Christensen and I, she is a sister serving in Matheu and we had exchanges this day. She is so great!  
Hermana Vivas goes home this week :(
 I am sure going to miss her. 
She is my mom here on my mission. 
My first companion in Argentina.
We went to her despedida (the meeting on Sunday when all the missionaries that are going home speak and give their testimonies)and Roberto, Marco, and Lautaro came! It was the best seeing them!! I was so happy! The rest of their family couldnt come but hopefully they will be able to make it when I go home. At least I was able to see them though! They are all doing great still and are going to church like good boys! :) 
 The view from our apartment in Tigre. This was the other morning at like 7. Very pretty! 

The hermanas in Tigre 2 had a baptism on Saturday! 
The girl that got baptized is Mora and she is so precious. This is her in the white. 
She has been taught by at least four sets of missionaries I think, 
and finally was ready to be baptized! She is so amazing!

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