Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 70 (Aug. 4, 2014 Tigre, Argentina)

My Dear Family and Friends,
Happy August!! :) I can imagine that in St. George it is super hot and everyone is doing their gardening and playing in the water and here we are in Argentina building snowmen and sipping hot chocolate :) Haha just kidding, there is no snow here! But if there was, I probably still wouldn't have time to build a snowman! But I think there is always time for hot chocolate :) It is cold here but getting warmer and I think the coldest month is over. I am excited for the heat! I am also excited because now our investigators won't have the excuse that "I can't come to church because it is too cold outside" :) So I am happy about that :)
The other day we had a meeting with some other missionaries and Dan Clark spoke to us through skype. He talked about the difference between a commitment and a covenant. He said that a commitment is a two way contract born out of suspicion and that a covenant is a two way contract between God and man born out of love. I really love how he described the two. And it is really true. When we invite our investigators to do something or commit them to something, they might want to keep this commitment for many reasons, but they do it because God has blessings for them if they do so and they want to see if they receive the blessing or the answer they are looking for. These commitments help them to have a relationship with God and they become closer to him and love Him more and become ready to make covenants with Him because they love him. Or at least that is how it should be. And it is the same with us. Each time we make a covenant with God we are showing him that we want to follow HIm and when we keep these covenants, we are showing him that we love him. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to help people prepare to make covenants with God and become closer to Christ. It is the best feeling ever :)
This week was a little rough but in the end we were able to have two investigators ar church (to answer your question, mom :) ) But we don't know if these two that came will end up progressing. Maybe next week I will tell the story. We are short on time today! But I know that God provided us with miracles. We have been fasting and praying lots in order to find God's elect and to have them at church on Sunday. First, because we want to fulfill our purpose as missionaries and help people come unto Christ. And also, because if we don't have investigators at church, we can't do exchanges with the hermanas in our areas and we have to do exchanges every week in order to be with each hermana. So it is sometimes hard but the Lord blessed us and helped us to see miracles! The recent converts here are doing great and the branch is growing slowly. I know God has prepared people here and we just need to work harder to find them! :)
Thank you all for everything and for being the best friends and family ever! I feel so blessed! Sorry for the short email :( I hope next week will be better! Love you all so much!!
Hermana Syphus 

Oh man I forgot about my haircut! I totally told you last week that I was going to post a pic of my hair! I am so sorry! I am just so brain dead sometimes and have problems! I am pretty sure that I tell you almost every week that I am going to do "something" the next week and I never do it. So sorry mom :( i don't have my camera now but next week I will send it! Also, I finished my email but didn't have lots of time so it is kinda lame. Sorry :( We are getting off now though so I will talk to you next week. Thank you for EVERYTHING!! Love you tons mom!! Hugs and Kisses and many of them!

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