Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 69 (July 28, 2014 Tigre, Argentina)

Hola Hola mis queridos!! :)

Greetings from Tigre :) This week we were able to learn patience and humility I believe. We were finding really well throughout the week but when Sunday came, we didn´t have any investigators at church. We were teaching a young man named Franco. We talked to him on a Wednesday I think it was and he told that he wanted to change because he had been smoking for a year and each day smoked almost two packs. He told us that he wanted to stop and change his life and we promised him that through Christ, he could. The next time we saw him was on Friday. He told us that since Wednesday, he had only smoked 2 cigarettes. We were so amazed and really felt like he was going to progress. He committed to come to church and was really excited as well. But on Sunday we called many times and passed by his house and he wasn´t home. Later that day he told us that he didn´t want us come back to his house. We are not really sure why he chose that and it was quite hard but we are going to keep moving forward :) He wasn´t an elect and God wanted us to know that. We dropped him and pretty much all of the investigators that we had because we were expecting 6 to come and none of them did. We found a few of them super drunk Sunday morning, which is really common here and especially in this area. The others didn´t want to leave because it was super duper cold Sunday morning. But Sunday afternoon, after we had dropped everyone and weren´t quite sure what to do (but praying in our hearts), we stopped to talk to a woman in her yard. Her name is Anna and she is a single mom with 4 kids. She doesn´t believe in God "for the moment" because she wonders how there could be a God if bad things happen to good people (something that the Book of Mormon answers wonderfully). We talked to her about what we know to be true and shared with her part of the plan of salvation and later invited her to be baptized. She said yes right away. We asked her why and she told us that she wanted to feel something different and learn if there really was a God who loved her. She has committed to come to church this Sunday with her children :) And tonight we have another lesson with her. I am so grateful for the mercy that the Lord has for us. It is hard when there is not much to work with, but the Lord always provides. I know that He gave us this special experience with Anna and I am so excited to help her know and feel that God is there and that he has a plan for her and her family. She was so special and we felt a sweet spirit with her. I just love testifying to people that God loves them and wants them to be happy. And that he has given us the means to accomplish it. Lots of times, when we testify of those things, we can see a hope in their eyes and it is so sweet. I love it so much and hope that Anna and her family will be able to experience this hope and continue to grow in Christ. We are going to work hard this week in order to find more of God´s elect. I hope that it will pay off and that come Sunday, the chapel will be full of investigators and people that want to change! :)
Also, I think I mentioned Ramon last week. He decided that he didn´t want to be baptized because it is too big of a commitment that he doesn´t know if he can keep his whole life :( It was sure hard to hear that. Especially when we know that he felt the spirit at church and knows that this is right. I just love these people so much and want them to be my eternal friends and it is hard when they don´t want to accept Christ. But I know that things always get better and that each day brings new miracles and that God´s love is always there. I am just amazed at the things that he gives us. The other day I was thinking about the commandments. We know that we have commandments to guide us and protect us. And that God will not change whether we keep the commandments or not. He will always be perfect. But he knows that in order to live with Him again, we need to keep the commandments and be worthy, and so he wants us to keep them for our good. But because he is so loving and so merciful and wants us to recognize that, he not only gives us protection and guidance (the commandments), but he also gives us added blessings when we keep them. Commandments alone are the blessings that we have, but because we are humans and want good things to happen, He also gives us blessings when we keep the commandments. Haha I hope that made sense. Sometimes I can´t put what my mind is thinking into words as you can tell ha. But the point is, GOD LOVES US and loves to see us happy and smiling. And I love Him so much and know that He lives. I am happy to be His servant and will do what he asks me to do because I know what he asks is nothing compared to what he and His Son have done for me and for us. 
Thank you all so much for being lights in this world. You are all great lights in my life and I love you all so much. I know that the Gospel is what brings us together and helps us stay together forever. Have a wonderful week! Love you!!
Hermana Syphus 

I forgot to tell you, I CUT MY HAIR!!! :) and i did it MYSELF!! Haha i am not sure how it looks and maybe i made a mistake doing it alone but if it is a mess, I will get it done better at home haha. I have a pic but dont have time this week to send it so next week I will send it.

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