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Week 67 (July 15, 2014 Tigre, Argentina)

Thank you so much for this amazing email!! :) I just love your emails so much mom!! And the pictures as well! Oh man I just have so many people to write! I don´t think I will get to everyone today though, we are already short on time. BUT, I received a letter a bit ago from Michelle Condie!! It was the sweetest thing and made me so happy. It was a really sweet surprise. I wanted to let her know that I am so thankful for her letter and that I love her very much! I try to write Bert every now and then and need to write her more often but it is just hard. But if you could just let Michelle know that I am so grateful and really was so happy to receive that from her. And hope that she is doing well!

Also, Erik and Shaun both wrote me!! :) That was also the best thing ever! I just always talk about my brothers and how amazing they are and when I get emails from them it just makes me so happy! I wanted to write them both but if i don´t get to it, tell them thanks so much and that I love them ever so much! I LOVED Joel´s email! Man he already emails better than me haha. He already seems so much more mature and grown up, just from reading his letters! It is so weird but so neat to know that he is a missionary!! Elder Syphus!! :) He sounds like he is doing great :) I laughed so much in his email, he is just so great.
Hey, was Rob´s birthday the other day? If so, could you give him this message: Happy Birthday Rob!!! :) I think it was your birthday anyway! Sorry I can´t remember perfectly! :/ Thank you so much for being such a wonderful brother. I sure love you and hope you are doing well! You have played such a huge part in my mission and have helped me endure and enjoy. I just can´t thank you enough. Love you and hugs and kisses to all the family!! :)
I am doing lots better! My ribs are still so so but they are getting there :)

Hey mom :) Well first off, you are right. I got transferred and am no longer in my home. I think I left my heart there in Chacabuco. It was super hard. I cried. Lots. haha but I knew it was going to happen. I feel weird today. I hope it goes away. Obviously I am not going to decide to be grumpy and sad because I got transferred, because that is part of each mission. And I know how it works. BUt I just feel different. I am happy though :) Because i am still a missionary of the Lord and am serving HIm in His vineyard. I need to remember that His vineyard has different parts, but ALL of it is His and ALL of it has fruit. Maybe the fruit in a certain part is riper and more ready than another part, but it is ALL His. And for that I am happy :) :) My new area is Tigre!! My companion is Hermana Henriquez from El Salvador!!! :) She is great! I know her already because she is a sister training leader, and I am excited to work with her! This is her third transfer in Tigre and she leaves in October with me. So that means I will probably die here in Tigre with a different companion and the last transfer she will go somewhere else. But who knows? :) I have done exchanges here in Tigre three times I think (a while ago with the sister trainer leaders) and I am excited to be here! The sister trainer leaders have specific areas so where I was going to be sent was limited to 3 areas. And here I am in Tigre :)On Sunday I took pictures with lots of members because I kinda knew that I was leaving. Yesterday when we got the call I sent messages to people letting them know and the Rocha family came to say goodbye. We had eaten lunch with them yesterday and I was able to say some "last words" with them haha. It was emotional that´s for sure. That night, I sent them a message and I thought that only Yose, Alejandra, Robert, and Marco were going come, but when we left the house, they were all there! Well almost all of them. Papito (german) wasn´t feeling good and stayed in bed, but the rest were there! Rosario (the mom), and the little ones as well (Fernanda, Diego, Nati).
 Also, Carlos and Lautaro (who was confirmed Sunday:) ) came and their mom and little sisters as well. It was a huge surprise!! We took some photos and last night I was looking at them and no one is smiling! haha it is sad but I have to laugh about it or else I will cry haha. I am sure going to miss that great family and just Chacabuco in general. We saw so many miracles there and I just felt like it was literally my home. Everything was perfect! :) But NOW, I am here in Tigre!!! And it will be just as good!! I know that God has miracles here as well and that He is preparing people here! And that these people will come to love the Savior and His Gospel and will understand how to receive greater happiness through these eternal truths. I am so excited to get to know more of God´s children and to make MORE eternal friends. It will be a great adventure :) 

Farewell to the Rocha family, Herm. Matamoros and Chacabuco!
 The Rocha Family...she will miss them so much!  
They have been such good friends and family to her.

Roberto, a member named Wilson, and my comp 

All the missionaries in Chacabuco Ward with Pres. Catala and family

The last super with the Rocha family. I love them so much. 
Some of the kiddos in the Rocha family 
Mama and Papa Presa!! They are members that were our parents in Chacabuco and came to say goodbye Monday night and brought a gift. 
They are the best!!

Hey!! we are a little short on time today and I know that I have already emailed a bit of what has happened this week, but to inform you on a bit more, i will write a bit more :) :) Man, I really hope that it doesn´t seem like I am not happy when we have a baptism. Because we have been super blessed and have seen many miracles these past few transfers and I hope it doesn´t seem like I am just pushing that aside because sometimes I don´t write about the experiences and how special they were because of time and I just feel so bad. But just so you know, I am always so so happy and feel so so good when God blesses us with a baptism. And for me they are not just numbers, but wonderful wonderful people and eternal friends and I hope that you can feel that when i write. Sometimes I write about it so quickly and it might seems like it is just another number. But please know that that is not how it is. I wanted to write more about Lautaro this week but i think that will have to wait as well :( My head is just all over the place and I just felt like today I needed to tell you lots of things I guess. I am sorry. But anyway, Lautaro was confirmed on Sunday and it was so special :) We have talked with his parents and with him and have set goals so that he can help more in his home and be better in school as well. Also, we had a baptism on Sunday!!!! :) I know that is a surprise because it was for us as well! But remember the less active member that is coming back named Gicelly? Well her daughter Cristal was baptized on Sunday! Another story for next week I hope! :) But she is just an angel. She is 12 years old and is the purest thing ever. I love her and will miss her but am so excited to hear how she will progress!! :)

 The elders also baptized a family the same day. Very Special 
 Baptism of Cristal!!!
She is such a special girl and I just love her and her mom so much! 

  Me with the Catala Family!! 
President Catala is the President of the stake Chacabuco and their family is the best!!
Bishop Nogales of the Chacabuco ward!! After the semi final game! 
This picture is of all of us missionaries in the Chacabuco ward!!! The best ward EVER!!! 
after the game on Wednesday  . 
Argentina won this game!! We were able to watch it with permission and take off two hours of our pday to do it. As a stake we watched it in the chapel in the gym and it was super fun. I forgot how much I love watching games haha. It was super crazy though! I have a video of how it was after they won, I will have to show it to you when I get home :)

 Hey my comp is waiting for me because she is done and I don´d want to start of on a bad note if you know what I mean...so I better head out. Sorry about this email. Next week I will be better. I just need to work and I will feel better :) I know this is God´s work and I have seen so many witnesses that he is with us. I love this so much!
Love you Mom!! Tell everyone hello for me!! Thank you so much for everything and have a great week!! :)
Love Hermana Syphus :

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