Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 66 (July 7, 2014 Parque Chacbuco, Argentina)

Dearest Family and Friends,
How are you all doing? :) This week was very nice and we had many wonderful surprises and miracles! To start, so as I am sure you all know, the world cup is going on right now and in Argentina soccer is life. So usually when Argentina has played, President has to rearrange our schedule so that we are in the house studying or something when the game is going on. He does that for a few reasons as you can image. 1) so we are not tempted to watch it ha and 2) it gets quite crazy if Argentina makes a goal, the people go loco. 3) there is absolutely NO ONE in the street because they are all in their homes watching the game and many are drinking at the same time. So that is how these last few weeks have been. Well, on Tuesday Argentina played at 1:00. As a mission, we had a conference that day at 11 that morning. We were told on pday, the day before, that we were going to be having a conference and then a "cultural event" afterward that was optional. But that we had to sacrifice two hours of our pday (start working at 4 instead of 6) in order to attend this activity. Everyone assumed that it was going to be the game because it was at the same time and we were told "cultural event" and that president had received permission from the area presidency to do it haha. And yes, the activity ended up being watching the game as a mission!! It was super awesome. They had hamburgers and chips and alfajores to eat and we just all sat there in the gym of the school watching the game as a mission. All the missionaries were so excited and it was really enjoyable. Argentina didn´t make a goal until the end of the game and they even went into overtime so it was pretty intense. It was weird seeing all the missionaries (especially the elders haha) how they are while watching a game haha. The were going crazy. It was actually nice to sit down and watch a nice soccer game from start to finish! It felt really weird though! But all the excitement that we received from the game, President told us to leave and use it to baptize!! And that´s what we are trying to do haha. :) 

It was so kind of Pres. Ayre to get permission for his missionaries to watch the World Cup. 

Yesterday Cristina Ayala was confirmed a member of the church! We had a few challenges with her last week because she doesn´t live in our area but we received permission to teach her and to have her be baptized in this ward. Also, her friend that is the less active that is coming back, is a taxi driver and offered to pick Cristina up each sunday and bring her to church. This less active (Gicelly) has a temper and one day we were going to meet with Cristina in the house of Gicelly to teach her but cristina didn´t show up because she had to stay late for work. Gicelly got mad and told us that sunday she wouldn´t be able to pick Cristina up. We had a long conversation about that with her but she didn´t budge. So we called Cristina and told her that she would have to come by bus if that was okay and she said that was fine. We were really nervous about that because we knew that if Gicelly picked her up, it would be a sure thing. But especially since cristina lives out of our area, we wouldn´t have been able to do anything if she didn´t show up. BUT, we tried to have greater faith and rely on the promises of God and trust in Him, and in the end, cristina arrived alone and was confirmed! :) So that was a huge blessing. this week we are going to be better with teaching her more often and seeing her as much as we can so that she can continue growing her testimony and become a strong faithful member! 

Today is going to be a short pday again because we have permission to see the game once again but on Wednesday this week and so our pday is cut short two hours. So we start working at 4!! So I won´t be able to buy anything today. And mom, I promise I am doing just fine. Really, if I had pneumonia, I would be taking things very easily, but i am getting better and will be fine :) Lots of people are taking great care of me. Also, I don´t know if I will be able to finish the email this week so I will include what i missed in the next email. Man, I didn´t get to tell the best part of the week! Lautaro Rocha being baptized!! I can´t remember if I have told you about him or not! But he is 11 and is the cousin and hasn´t received permission to be baptized even though he has wanted to for a while! But this week (I will give more detail next week), his mom softened her heart with the help of the Spirit and prayer of course, and the will of the Father, and Lautaro was baptized on Sunday!! It was a complete miracle mom! I love this so much! :) Ok I need to go! If you want, I can send what I have written! Sorry I couldn´t finish though! Thanks so much for the pics and for your email!! Tell Joel that I love him and am glad he is safe and well! And Kari and Kylie that i love their prego bellies and that they are so gorgeous like always! And let everyone know that I LOVE THEM!!!! Love you so much mom and talk to you next week!! :) :) 

 Lautaro Rocha baptized by his cousin Roberto
Roberto has now baptized 3 members of his family since becoming baptized himself only a 
few short months ago.  What a true missionary!!
 Lautaro Rocha's family
His Extended family
to be continued next week...

 On Wednesday when we had our zone meeting, the zone leaders received permission to have a breakfast as a zone before the meeting. 
So this is when we were preparing and eating breatkfast :) 

 And this is the zone Chacabuco! :) The best zone in the world!! 

 Elder Krivocheev. He is one of the assistants and is leaving this transfer. 
He is from Russia but has lived here in Argentina for a while. Very wonderful missionary. 

On the Subway with the Rocha family on Sunday evening heading to the chapel in San Fernando to see the missionaries that are leaving for home this transfer. 
It´s like their "farewell"  

(I sent her some pics of family, etc. and these were her comments....)
Oh boy. These pics you sent sure got me crying like a baby. Just like you haha. Oh little Joely. I just miss him so much already. I love these pics though, but it is hard to see. Are you sure you are okay? Hey, dont worry too much about me or even writing me lots. Joel is first priority right now :) Thanks so much mom for being so wonderful. I just don´t know how you and dad do it. It must be a bit hard having two children in the field. I know it comes with many blessings but it is also hard. I sure hope you are okay. I have been praying for you and for joel lots this week and hope all is well. Sure love you mom. Do you have Joel´s email from his mission? And I know this is a dumb question, but what MTC is he in again? 

MOM!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!! :) :) :) Thank you so much! Holy cow Jordan is so cute! And Karson and Joy look so good! I just love them so much!! Thank you for sending so many wonderful pictures this week! I love pictures so much and they make me so happy! And the pics of Kimberly as well! She looks so happy!! :) I have a picture with President and Sister Mullen as well! Because he was my president! But I lost my memory and I don´t have it anymore darn it all! Aww but she really looks so good and so happy. I need to write her! Seeing all these missionaries in our family makes me smile so big!!

HOLY SMOKES THEY ARE SO GOOD LOOKING!!!! What happened to me?!?! I love love love these pictures mom!! They just melt my heart. I am telling you mom. All my sibling got the good looks from you and dad and I don´t know where I got mine haha. But oh well. These two just make me so happy. Kam is gorgeous and Joel is such a handsome man. You know what I was thinking the other day hahaha, Devin Bennett is getting home soon and him and Kambree are only 4 years apart. How does that sound? ;) She is definitely a beaut that´s for sure. Same with Kendyl and all my sisters. Thanks so much for the great pics, I will need to print some of them off and keep with me. I think at least 10 guys here have proposed marriage to kam and kendyl hahaha. Beautiful siblings!! :) :) :) 

Guess what? I can´t believe it but I forgot it was the 4th of July (the holiday ha) on the 4th of July! I woke up not thinking anything different and then we received a message from our awesome zone leaders telling us happy 4th of july and that we needed to help people come unto christ just like george washington hahaha. But I am so glad that all of you passed it very well and had lots of fun! :) 

Thank you for letting me know about Kortnies bday! :) I will write here nex ¡t week! Oh! Before I forget, transfers are next week and so we will be writing on Tuesday! Ok, since you told me you like to know about my health haha, I guess I will tell you. It is nothing bad and I am doing lots better I promise :) But last week i was on the verge of having pneamonia (i hve no idea how to spell that). I had some of the symptoms but didn´t actually have it thank goodness. But from coughing so stinking much and hard, I busted my ribs again but this time it was worse. I couldn´t even laugh the slightest bit without is hurting. I have had bruised ribs before, but this time it was just owie owie. And it had lasted longer as well. But I called the doc and he told me that I just need to keep the ibuprofen going and it help a bit. They told me that shouldn´t use by bag for a few days. It is a pain ( the rib...haha that was a good one wasn´t it? :) ) but it will pass. I have been getting sick lots and I hope it will all end soon. It is super cold here and people have been telling me that I need to buy boots because everyone wears boots in the winter and i have normal sunday shoes but I think I will be fine without them. I will let you know though if I need something. You already do so much for me. Thank you so much mom!! So anyway, that is what has been going on with me, but ALL IS WELL!! :) I am doing fine and the pills and my medication are helping lots! :) 

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