Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 23 (Sept. 16, 2103 Congreso, Argentina)

Dear Sweet Mom,
We have very little time today and so I am so sorry but this email will be short. First, please do not worry about the mail issue. I wish the same thing as you and I don´t know why they cannot give it to us more often but I promise you that I am doing fine. I sure do appreciate everyone and their letters. Wow I am going to be reading all week! I can´t believe that I haven´t received anything so far. But transfers are on Tuesday next week and so I will getting everything then I believe. Thanks so much mom :) The mission home is about two hours away. But please don´t worry. I am doing just great my mission is keeping me very busy and my head is always filled with many things and so I don´t really have time to think about not receiving mail and things like that. This is the hardest thing I have ever done but I am so happy here mom. I still get homesick which is weird because there is no time to be homesick haha but I wouldn´t change anything that is happening and I feel so blessed to be serving a mission. I am sorry for my past few emails, they haven´t really been the best and this one is going to be hardly anything. I really want to send pictures to you!! Maybe one week I will just tell you a few things and send pictures for the rest of the time? I don´t know. This week we were able to go to a hospital and do a lot of painting. Pillars and sidewalks and such needed to be painted and so we were able to have that service opportunity and it was a great experience. There were so many missionaries and it was so fun! Jonatan and his family are doing okay. We want to work with his son Franco the most because we have prayed and feel like he will progress and help his parents see the blessing of the Gospel more. This past week has been pretty rough but it is a mission and so there are going to be rough days. We didn´t have anyone come to church on Sunday. Juan has been progressing really well and his date for baptism was this coming Sunday but because he didn´t come to church on Sunday, he can´t be baptized until the next Sunday. We did everything possibly we felt in order to have him come to church. Later that day we found him and he told us that he didn´t hear our phone calls that morning because he was sleeping. :( We are trying so hard and I keep thinking that I am doing something wrong because we haven´t seen as many baptisms as this area usually has. We have seen so many miracles and I am so grateful for each one but these miracles have not lead to baptisms...yet. I have thought and prayed to know what I am doing wrong if anything in order to help this work progress and maybe I need to have more faith. I feel like I am being obedient and doing all that I can but I guess I need to do something more. Of course I need to always be improving and changing and I am going to try super super hard to give more of myself in order to help God´s work progress! I am sorry ma but I need to go! This email is more for you than for everyone because I wasn´t able to write lots of experiences and such. Like always I wish I could respond to all the happening at home. Thanks for the news and I sure to love you and the family so much!!! I hope Kam is doing okay after that date poor thing :( Love you mom and know that all is well with me! :)
Con Amor,
Hermana Katelyn Syphus 

This was a very special email we received from a member in Argentina.  Katelyn was interviewed in it for a few short seconds but OH HOW NICE IT WAS TO SEE HER!!!!  Bless this sweet man who posted it for us!

Full length video of some missionaries who are serving in Argentina North Mission while they were providing help on the Day Of Service (14 Sep 2013) painting and beautifying the local hospital.

I hope you enjoy and see you own missionary. Video is in Spanish you may get a glance to your son/daughter given service. Some were interviewed by the brother who is making the video.

If your missionary was laboring in Liners, Belgrano or Congreso stakes he maybe in the video. There are other associated short video links related to this activity from this YouTube page.

Rafael Diaz
Dad – Elder Diaz – March 2012-March 2014

Links to You tube:

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