Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 5 (May 17, 2013 MTC)

Oh Mom, thank you so much for that email :) Family is one of the things that is getting me through and I thank Heavenly Father so sincerely for my family each and everyday. That is so wonderful about Kylie and Greg and Axel! I can't believe it, how awesome!! Sometimes I wish I was there to see everyone, especially after you said that about baby Axel, but I know that I am supposed to be here and that my family is being taken care of. Oh how I miss everyone! The babies will be so grown up when I get home and it will be hard but you are right, all will be well :) It was so great to talk you you all for that short time yesterday. I was so happy to hear your voices. Tell Kam that I am sorry if I sounded mean to her, I was not trying to sound mean at all! :/ I was just so excited to hear her voice and I just love her so much! I am okay but I am so nervous and I this is all so new to me but I also know that Heavenly Father will not make me do it alone. It will be hard but because I know what I know, it will be doable! I have so many other things to tell you mom but I can do that over the phone tomorrow!!!!!! :) :) :)
Dear sweet family and friends,
I GOT REASSIGNED YESTERDAY!!!! :) :) And I am going to the Washington Spokane Mission! Oh my goodness I am so happy and I just know that Christ's Church and Gospel have been restored and that I really am so blessed to have this opportunity to be a missionary in these the last days. So when I read where I was going, it was just like getting my call for the first time! I saw that the paper said that I was leaving Saturday and so I thought to myself "Oh ok, I am going to be leaving 5 days later than my original departure date. But guess what everyone? I kept reading and I said Saturday the 18th of May! And I couldn't believe it!! That is tomorrow! I am leaving Utah in the morning and will be in the mission field TOMORROW! That is so crazy and it was so unexpected and I am as nervous as something that is really nervous but I cannot wait! I am so excited to get out there and meet more of God's children who have been prepared to receive this glorious Gospel. Thankfully today is p day so I can pack and prepare as much as possible. So this email might be short because I don't have a lot of time! :) :) I shed some tears when I read it because I am going to miss this place so much. I am going to miss my district and my sweet companion and my teachers and the amazing spirit I have felt here. I am going to miss Sundays at the MTC! It will be so hard to leave all these things but it has been confirmed to me that there will be even greater things and even greater miracles in the mission field. And I don't know if I am ready but I do know that God will help me prepare and will help me to do His work as long I as I am faithful and worthy. I am happy :) He is the source of my happiness. And I will never doubt that.
THis week has been absolutely amazing. Sunday was just wonderful as usual. First, it was Mother's day and I couldn't help but think about my own sweet mother and the angel that she is in my life and in the lives of so many others. Our district watched a video on about mothers and by the end of that 2 minute video, there was not a dry eye in the room. It was so beautiful and it made me realize again that my mom really is an angel and that I am so blessed and I just don't know how I was so blessed to have Kim White Syphus as my mother. But I will never complain about that :) So, I just want to hurry and say thank you not just to my own mother, but to ALL those women in my life that have been mother's to me. My aunts, my grandmas, my sisters, my friends moms, my leaders in church, and so so many others. Like the video we watched said, "Life does not come with a manual. It comes with a mother." I agree completely 100% with that statement and I hope that as I grow and get older, Heavenly Father will help be be that kind of wife and mother that my mom is to me and that so many other "mom's" in my life are to me. The speaker in Relief Society was... JANICE KAPP PERRY!! So perfect for Mother's Day. Just so perfect. And let me say this right off, this sweet disciple of Christ reminds me so much of my mom and my grandma's. She was just incredible and the spirit she brought into that room was oh my goodness, so sweet and beautiful. And I believe that the spirit there was so strong because we pretty much just sang songs the entire time and she talked about music and missions and it was unforgettable. Sis. Perry wrote many of the well know primary songs and she also wrote As Sisters in Zion. We sang a medley of all her primary songs and then, the best part, we sang a NEVER BEFORE SUNG version of As Sisters in Zion that she rewrote specifically for sister missionaries. It is called "The Sisters of Zion." It was one of the greatest most amazing things that I have ever participated in and it was so beautiful. I wish we got a copy of the words but we didn't. It was hard to even sing the song because the Holy Ghost was touching the hearts of every single sister in that meeting I believe. And my testimony of music and the power it has and also in missionary work was strengthened and I am so happy to be able to be a missionary, a sister missionary, at this time. It really is a blessing and I hope I will do it in the way the Lord wants me to do it. What a wonderful way to start off Mother's Day and just the week in general. I wish the entire world could have been there to feel the power that was in that room. Because it was there and it was real. I got to shake her hand and her husband's hand after the meeting and they are wonderful wonderful people. I love them and I am thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing them with the talents the have and that they shared with us that day.
I am out of time but I want to say real quick that Russell M. Nelson came on Tuesday for the devotional!!! :) What another wonderful treat and blessing! It was so great to see his personality a little more. He is such a sweet man and I know that he is an apostle of the Lord and that his words are from God. His message was uplifting and was about how angels are with us and that we need to work harder than ever before. I was thankful for his message. Maybe I can say more about it next email.
I love all of you. I know that I have not written many of you back that have given me letters and I hope that you have not lost hope in me! I don't have lots of time to write letters because even p days are busy but I want to tell everyone thank you SO SO MUCH for your letters and packages and emails and all. They are much appreciated i promise. And please don't think I do not care about you because I have not written back. That is definitely not the case my friends. I am thankful for all of you and I love you all so much. Your letters are treasures to me and I hope I will get better at prioritizing my time better so I can write you all back! I hope you can forgive me. The Lord is helping me everyday and He is helping me realize my MANY weaknesses so that I can come to Him for strength. His Atonement is real. I love Him and I love His Gospel. And I love you all!!
Hermana Syphus :) 

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