Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 58 (May 12, 2014 Parque Chacbuco, Argentina)

(Email from Katelyn 5/12/2014  Not much info since she spoke with us on Mother's day for 75 min.) 

​Dear Family,​
It was such a great blessing to be able to talk with all of you. It seemed super short and I wanted to talk longer
 ​ but tell everyone
 I am grateful for the time I had. I hope that no feelings were hurt because I didn´t give much attention to Kylie and Kendyl or dad either. I hope everyone knows that I love
​them ​
so much and miss you all. I really hope that you had such a great day yesterday Mom.

I know that I am being very blessed and that Heavenly Father is helping me to have all these wonderful experiences and meet all these wonderful people. I need to serve more faithfully. Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough for all the blessings that we are receiving and I need to work harder. we have been very blessed these last two transfers with miracle baptisms and now we are in a bit of a dry spot because we literally have one investigator right now and he is great but is not married and lives with his girlfriend. So I am kinda worried about that. The l
s keep telling us that we are doing so good and that we are an example for the zone and things like that but I don´t like when they say that because now we really don´t have much and things might start slowing down. But hopefully that is not the case. We have faith that we are going to continue seeing miracles and that this area will continue to grow! I need to have more faith in that! But you know what I mean? When someone tells you that you are so good and that great things are happening, it is in that moment when it seems to stop just because someone said something. I know it is not us doing the work though, we are just helping Heavenly Father and he is providing the miracles and the growth. So I hope it continues. The liders also told us that it is because we are being obedient that we are seeing growth here in our area and I know that is true to some point, but I also don´t like when they say that because there are tons of missionaries that are being obedient and are not having baptisms and it doesn´t mean that they are being disobedient! I remember in Congreso Hermana Herrera and I were trying so hard for so long and doing everything yet we didnt see baptisms that transfer. So it just depends. Well there is my little tangent on that. Haha sorry some of the things I say don´t really matter. I just like to let you know how I think and feel at times. Thanks for listening Mom ha :) 

OK mom I am getting off now. I wan´t able to write many people but next week I will do better. Love you so much and have a great week! 

 Baptism of Brian, a cousin of the Rocha Family
 Brian and Cristian Baptism day

 Cristian's older brother Roberto was able to baptize him
District leader, Elder Martinez, baptized Brian

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