Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 60 (May 26, 2014 Parque Chacabuco, Argentina)

:) :) Picturing you in my head just gives me joy and makes me smile. Man i just miss you so much mom. Thanks for the email, made my day like always :) I have very little time today so I hope I can get everything in! We went to the temple of Buenos Aires today!! I can´t believe I forgot to tell you the last three weeks! We knew three weeks ago I think and I didn´t say anything! But it was wonderful like always! Man I miss the temple and I miss going every week. I told dad in the email I sent to him that I miss going to the temple and that I know that I have a different purpose right now now which I love but I still miss it :) But it is all the work of salvation and it all helps God and His purpose which is to have ALL of His children receive eternal life. We went this morning and I learned many wonderful things but what I remember most was that I just felt so happy. SO SO happy. I am happy serving everyday in my mission, but in the temple it was just the best. I am sure you know what I mean. It was fun to see old companions, the pres and his wife, and the other missionaries :) So that is why I don´t have much time. This day goes by wicked fast.
Before I forget, next week i will be writing on Tuesday because it is transfers again. Why is this going by so fast? I also told dad that it was really hard to leave my family in Utah to come on my mission, but that it will be even more hard I think to leave my family here in Argentina. I love them and I love being a missionary. I am so excited for my cousins and for Joel to serve. They will love it so much. It is hard, but it is the only opportunity to serve God with all your time and energy and heart because that is what we are dedicated to do. And it is a great feeling. I don´t want to regret any of it. I hope i stay here in Chacabuco with my companion. She is great and I don´t know how much she likes me, but i sure love her.  I need to serve her more I think, I need to be better in lots of ways! You are my great example on how to love people mom! :) Thank you!
Man tell Joel congrats for me and give him a great big hug and kiss too please :) i am glad Kylie and Greg got packed up alright. I hope the time passes fast so that they can come back. How was Jordy´s talk and what did he talk on? Does he seem different or the same? That would be fun to know if you have time :)
I wrote Silvina back haha. She is a hoot. She is a great person and i love her to death.  She is the one in El Talar that helped me lots when i needed things I sent a pic with her and I. Her name is silvina orce. She is a great member and helped me so much! I'm glad that she has my email. She might write lots and I will write her when I have time for sure but prob not every week.
Well i have about 10 minutes to write about the week so I will write about the biggest things that happened. We had interviews with President on Wednesday and they went very well. But during my interview Pres asks me if he can spend the afternoon with my comp and i and go with us to our visits and all that jazz. Of course I wasn´t going to say no even though I was afraid to say yes haha. So that day we ended interviews and went to the members house for lunch and went to the church again to meet with pres and the member that was to accompany us that day. They arrived and it was raining (the past few days we have gotten pretty wet, lots of adventures!) :) We went to visit Brian who was just baptized and confirmed and his mom was there and hadn´t gone to work because it was raining. So that was the first miracle. Brian has a brother named Kevin that we had never met before, just talked to on the phone. Every time we asked Brain if his brother wanted to listen he told us that he wouldn´t be interested and that he was super shy. But this day we asked again and he said the same thing. We asked if Kevin was there at home and he said yes. We tried to invite him but the mom said he was studying. We tried and tried but nothing. So we taught Brian with his mom there as well and just as we were finishing Kevin enters the room!! The mom needed to leave at this point and Kevin was going to go with her but we asked him to stay and tried to gain confidence and Pres helped us lots and the Lord as well, and he ended up staying. We taught him the first lesson and the book of mormon and invited him to be baptized and he said yes. It really was a miracle. He is 16 and needed permission from his mom. Well his mom had left but right when we needed her she returned! God really had this all planned out because Kevin is prepared and ready! We talked with the mom and she said that if Kevin felt ready and had the desire, he could be baptized!! :) He has the date for the 8th of June and he came to church on Sunday with Brian and loved it so much! I don´t know why we never had met him before because he is ready! I think Satan knew that too and didn´t want us to talk with him and lots of things happened to impede us. But finally we were able to and with the help of the Spirit, Kevin felt something and accepted to be baptized and follow Christ´s example. i am so grateful for what the Lord is doing for us. i know that it is not me because i really couldn´t do it. The Lord is blessing us and giving us His strength and I know that His Atonement is real. i am grateful for this time that I have to experience His Atonement more each day and to realize that it is Him that makes it all possible. 
Well that is all that I have time for :( Sorry for making it short. But that experience really was such a miracle and thanks to President and his presence, we were able to have a great day ha :)
Love you so much mom and thanks for all you do! Tell everyone hi for me and that I love them, just like always. You are my angel and my example! Thank you! Love you so so much! Hugs and kisses
Love, Hermana Syphus 

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