Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 75 (Sept. 8, 2014 Tigre, Argentina)

Dearest Family and Friends,
Hiya :) I hope you all are doing great and enjoying September as much as I am! I cant believe that we are already in September! August went by so so fast. I keep thinking that it is going to slow down but it doesnt. We had a wonderful week here in Tigre and I am so thankful for all that the Lord has blessed us with!

This week we had a huge miracle, and her name is Milagros (miracle in spanish)! :) What happened just goes to show how organized God is and how he plans everything so perfectly and helps it happen when it needs to! When we met with the branch president the other week, he gave us some names of less active families to visit. One of them was the Rojas family. Each day for a week we put this family's name in our agendas at a certain time. But each day for almost a week we never got time to visit them because we were visiting other progressing investigators. But on Thursday, after visiting all of our progressing investigators that we could that day, we looked at our agendas and had a few options. We asked the member that was with us who we should visit. Without knowing anything about the fact that we had put the Rojas family as a plan that day, just as we had each day that week, he thought for a moment and looked at us and said "what about Hermana Agripina? I dont know her last name but it is a family that lives here close." We recognized the first name of the Hermana Rojas and decided to follow this members idea to visit the family. When we got there, we found the Hermana sewing (her job) and met her granddaughter that is now living with them. Her name is Milagros and she is 16 years old. She is a gem. I love her! We talked to her for a bit to get to know her better. She recently moved to her grandparents house and knew and was taught by missionaries before. She was even about to get baptized, but her mom did not give her permission. Her dad is a member of the church and wanted her to get baptized but she did not live with him and so she couldnt get permission. Now she lives with her grandma and now has permission! She accepted the date for the 14 of September and yesterday came to church with her grandparents :) I cant even tell you how amazing the whole experience was knowing this family. God wanted them to be found and gave us so many signs in order to talk to them! He knew that Milagros was ready and that she needed to be found in order to help her spirit remember what she needed to do. She is accepting everything so well and each time we go to their house, they are all seated with their Books of Mormon and ready to listen, participate, and learn. It is so beautiful. I know that God leads us to those that are prepared and I know that even though he knows and wants them to receive the truth, we as missionaries have to be obedient and use our agency well and follow the spirit so that we can find our brothers and sisters that are prepared. It was even more amazing because the member that we were with had the spirit and was prompted to visit this family! Everything just worked out so beautifully I am so thankful for this miracle and I know that it was all inspired and directed by God! :) Milagros loved church and was accepted fast by the young women. If everything goes well, she will be baptized this Saturday or Sunday! :) Her family is now coming back into activity as well! Her grandma bore her testimony in relief society yesterday and said that she was so happy that her precious granddaughter will be baptized this sunday and that they are so happy! God is real and loves us so much! :)
Also, Olga came to church yesterday! Her husband Anibal wasn't able to make it though, and neither was Flor :( We are not sure yet what happened with Flor but we are going to talk to them tonight. Olga is progressing very well but feels like she needs more time to get to know the church. Her date is for this Sunday but we will see how this week goes :) They are starting to feel a difference in their home and can feel more peace and happiness! I love when they tell us this! It means that they are recognizing the blessings and that these things are true! :)
I will hopefully have more time next week to write more! Love you all so much and thank you for all you do! :)

Hermana Syphus

This is what we see everyday we leave our apartment :) 
Tigre has a river and it is a very touristic place in Argentina! 
 The picture with the two towers and the flag is where we live! 
The elders live in one of the towers, and we live with the other hermanas in the other tower   This is my home in Tigre!

Me and my comp, Hermana Traverso from Peru

The other Hermanas are the hermanas that came last pday! 
Hermana Johnson her companion :)
We went to a place called Retiro to buy some things that I want to take home :) 
We went with Hermana Hatch and Hermana Pardo, the other sisters in Tigre! 
It was a lot of fun!

We ate lunch at a Peruvian place and I had something called arroz chaufa. 

The other hermana trainer leaders at the meeting at Pres. house :)
 I am going to miss them so much :(


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