Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 76 (Sept. 15, 2014 Tigre, Argentina)

Hey I used up lots of time trying to put together the pics and descriptions of the converts
for my farewell in 2 weeks and my comp is getting a little frustrated because she wants to leave.When I am home I can tell you how it is with her. Right now I cant. But if you could just pray that these next three weeks i can love her and not take things personally that she tells me! I AM ok! :) just a few things that maybe Heavenly Father wanted me to learn before I go home! :) And so I am willing to accept it. It will be a great three weeks!!! I am going to enjoy and work and enjoy and work some more! I am still living my dream! :)

Thanks so much for your email mom! And for answering all my questions! I really appreciate it! I dont have much time right now to write about the week :( I am so sorry! Next week we are going to go to a place so I can buy some things and it is a little far but I hope we get back in time so I can write about two weeks worth of experiences! The main thing and blessing that happened this week is Milagros baptism!! :) She was so prepared and really didnt even have to do anything, just teach and testify! And she was so ready! It was so amazing how everything happened so fast! She was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday and it was so special! Her dad is a member and is the ward mission leader in his ward (he lives far away). She and her dad are not very close but we could tell that through her baptism, they became closer and now have a stronger relationship and it is so beautiful to see! :) He was so so happy to see his daughter being baptized! He confirmed heron Sunday! We are still working with Olga! SHe came to church on Sunday again and is on date to be baptized this next Sunday! Flor, her granddaughter came to church as well and they are doing great! We just need to find more people now!! :)

Milagro's baptism with me and my comp.
 Milagro and her grandparents
Milagro and her dad, his wife and her little brother

As for the dinner, oh man I will have to think about it hahaha. But if you do dessert, I think I would like the usual, chocolate Eclair. And broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce for sure. Roast beef and gravy! Man I cant remember the things i used to eat! I am trying to think! At some point after my mission i will eat all the things i missed so i am not too worried about what we have haha. But I think roast beef and gravy and b&c and cheese sauce for sure. I will let you know more next week? Hey I am so sorry for all of the requests today :( I had a list of things to write and ask you too! But thats ok, next week will come :) THanks for the update on everyone :) I cant believe that flood!! How crazy! Tell everyone hello for me please! OH!!! When I read that email about what Erik said when you asked him what he wanted from here, I read it and immediately started crying! It was the craziest thing! Something so simple and short but it touched me so much. Tell Erik that I cant wait to see him and give him a great big hug! I think I get really sentimental when I hear words like that from my brothers. And its ok if you need to talk to me about home mom, i wont get distracted :) In fact, I am starting to wonder if anyone is getting excited because no one has really said anything haha. ;) But maybe its just cause you all are trying to keep me focused :)

I too am so excited for general conference!! It came so fast and I cant wait to see it with our investigators! I need the words of the prophets to help me! :) Well I better go mom! Love you so so so much and thanks for everything you do. I dont know how you do it. Whenever I tell people how many kids you and dad had they always ask me how in the world do you do it.

​Love you all!!!

This is the Acosta Family! We eat with them every Saturday and she always cooks a rice and chicken stew that is oh so delicious! :) 
In the photo with with funny faces, I was trying to wink and it didnt work hahaha. 
My winking skills have gotten worse during my mission...but that should be a good thing ;)

When it rains, our area is a muddy mess! Yesterday it rained all day and we were walking and jumping in the puddles with Camila, the member that was with us :) It was a great adventure. We were the only ones in the street all day and when we talked with people they were like, why are you outside in the rain on a sunday afternoon when you could be inside away from the water and mud! Haha I love when people ask that, because it gives us a great opportunity to explain to them out message and why we are here!! :) :) I love being a missionary, even in the rain! :) 

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